Meals to Get out of the Meal Rut


I am lucky enough to have Friday off! Don’t be fooled however, I am working the whole weekend :(.

So of course on my day off I will be checking off some major items on my to do list. Including cleaning the house, some grocery shopping and planning our meals for the next week. B is having a fun day with his dad and I am going to soak up some sun after all the “chores” :).

Our menu for the week looks like this so far…

Friday: On own

Saturday: Out to dinner

Sunday: Out of town

Monday: Crab cakes with asparagus and homemade fries

Tuesday: Chicken enchilada casserole


Wednesday: On own

Thursday: Honey sesame chicken and brown rice 


Friday: Left overs/ out to dinner

*All meals are gluten free*

I have this problem of getting into a rut of meals, I mean who doesn’t right?! So I made a challenge with myself to try some new meals this week, B and I will both appreciate this! I am really looking forward to the meals and hopefully these meals will inspire some new ideas in the kitchen for next week as well!

What day do you meal plan? 

Do you have a certain cuisine you cook more often? 

Have a great weekend! I hope you have wonderful weather!

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My Current Goal with Workouts

How is it going in the land of the internet?!

We are experience some less than stellar weather, we even had a tornado touchdown about 5 minutes from our home yesterday afternoon!

Even though the weather has been sub-par I have been trying to get in as many outdoor adventures as possible.

From hiking to walks and soccer golf, I have truly been soaking up the Vitamin D!

Along with my outdoor adventures I have been trying some “new to me” workouts. My goal a few weeks ago was to start trying a new workout or two per week. I have found this has really helped with mixing it up and “getting sore.” You know what i mean?!

Here are a few worth mentioning…

3.5 mile run (threw in some pick-ups as well) + Upper Body Super Set Workout {Peanut Butter Runner}


Pyramid run on the treadmill + Cardio Strength Workout {Peanut Butter Runner}


Legs and Core {Peanut Butter Fingers} + 4 mile up hill variation walk


30 Minute Total Body Blast {Peanut Butter Fingers} + 3 mile interval run


I think I have a problem with following blogs whom have the name peanut butter!

What are some workouts you are loving currently!? 

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Monday Backwards


I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day! For me it was a basic Monday, without work, but I did start the morning with a fun hike with a friend.

Look what I found on the hike… {!!}


B would have FREAKED OUT, luckily I like snakes so I thought it was pretty cool! After a 3+ hour hike I made my way home for a much needed lunch of salad and some greek yogurt. I am totally craving salads, truth: I have been for like 5 months!! I am always looking for new salad toppers, if you have any ideas, please share! I will be sharing a few of mine in the next couple of days!

Also random from Monday:


When I got home from the hike I realized I kept hearing some really strong gusts of wind, low and behold I went into our bedroom and our window fell out?!

Along with falling out it took down the mirror {the glass was fine} and pulled the curtain rod out of the wall! It must have been some pretty strong wind!

To start the day I did an early morning 3 mile run + Fired Up Squat Workout.

After the workout and the hike my legs are spent! Well B and I are headed out to kick around the soccer ball and eat some GF pizza!

Have a great Tuesday!

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This and That + Weekend


I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. Who else, has a three day weekend for Memorial Day?! I am pumped for the weekend!

On the docket we have…

Saturday: Morning run and coffee with a friend// B and I playing some soccer golf with some friends// nice dinner out just the two of us!

Sunday: Pancakes and morning coffee stroll// Work for a few hours// Get outside and play!

Monday: Meet up for some lunch/dinner with friends!

As you can see we have a pretty packed weekend! B is ahead in his studies so he can relax a little this weekend which I/he is always grateful for!

For now let me leave you with a few pictures from my week!

Best. Breakfast. Ever. 

Best. Breakfast. Ever.

Cheetah showdown!Cheetah showdown!

My Arms feel like Jell-O

Friday morning workout. My arms are now jell-o.

Just another day at work! 

Clearly B was enjoying the zoo ;)11232334_10204217738670017_1190400329_o

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Breakthrough + Day Plans

Hi and happy Tuesday!

Just a popping in for a quick hello! The hubs has a had off day from studying {!!} so we are going to spend this gorgeous day at the zoo! We have a pretty awesome zoo {Columbus Zoo and Aquarium} so we love to sneak up to the Columbus area when we have a chance.


So I realize I have been posting some “deeper” posts and thought I would explore a subject which I am very passionate about: Fitness! 

You can read about my journey into running on my running page, but at the current moment I am all about the HIIT, Tone it Up and running with squats, lunges, jump ropes etc.

By doing more of these workouts and allowing my body to not be pounding the ground I feel I am in the best shape of my life. I have also really changed my food and my outlook on food in general and I noticed major changes in my body {More on this later}.

Coming from someone who has had major issues with food and fitness in the past, I feel this is a breakthrough. A few years ago I would have never said anything positive about my body. I was very negative towards my body. But after doing different types of workouts I have realized how fortunate I am to be able to do these workouts.

I always read changing up a fitness routine is key to not being bored and to mixing up what muscles you use. I would see this but would never truly follow the advice. Well I am here to tell you… TRY IT! Once I stopped running 6 days a week and would do HIIT for 2 of those days and then 1 day of Tone It Up I realized how much stronger and better I felt.

What would it hurt if you just tried it for one week? That was my outlook and I am not looking back anytime soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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I love Sundays! It’s a day where I wake up early, get in a good sweaty workout,  make some breakfast with my husband and drink some lovely coffee. I love this tradition. Some times this tradition gets me through my week.

However, this tradition has changed.

I still wake up early and get in my workout, but my husband is already at school studying for the bar by the time I reach my first mile.

From the last time I blogged he was still in law school and we were “safe.” This is how I look at school, a safe place away from the evils of the work force :).


One of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was because I have major issues with changes. Like, not healthy at times. This year though has made me realize change can be good at times. Disappointment can even be good.

You might be like, come on Elizabeth this is such a small change, seriously?! But over the past year our life has been a roller coaster of school, jobs, family and life in general.

I guess my whole point is 2 years ago, this morning tradition would have been really tough for me to deal with, after this past year, this is just a normal change in life and it is okay.

Being okay.

This has been something I have dealt with as well. I don’t always need to be great, awesome, stellar. Sometimes being okay, is just what I need.

I am sure I will explain more about our year later but for now I will leave you and let you enjoy your wonderful Sunday!

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Type A

I am Type A.

I like things done at a certain time, at a certain hour, at a certain pace, I think you get the point.

The last time I went into blogging I thought I had post x amount of times, at a certain hour, and I was totally missing the point. I needed an outlet to write, a space where I can put words to paper and not have a time or a certain topic. If I want to talk about fitness, I will talk about fitness, If I want to talk about food, I will talk about food.

I also would read certain blogs and think, “mine needs to be just like theirs…”

That is not the case, I am not a personal person. I will share things I find exciting or sad but I am not one to over share and this is something which will be different as I start to blog again.

So to who ever is reading this, thanks for sticking around and listening to my crazy story!

Needing a Channel


Wow. Almost 1 Year.

A lot has changed in this year.

Some good and some bad.

I recently realized as I was reading some of my favorite blogs the other day;  I miss writing and I miss having an outlet. So I think I am going to start up again. Nothing fancy.

I am sure some days I will have loads to say and other days, I will have nothing. We shall just see. For the time being, I am just going to write so I can have a channel to dump all of my crazy thoughts out on to ‘paper’.

I think that is enough for today. Really starting out with some big steps! ha