Life Catch Up + Life after the Bar {Exam}

Hi friends!

I feel I have so much to tell you! After the bar I took a major break from, well life. It was a great break and a much needed break but don’t worry I am experiencing life to the fullest at the moment! {I just worked at 12.5 hour shift…}  🙂

I’ll start from the beginning!

Thursday—> I worked in the morning and then waited until 3 to see B. It was the longest shift ever and I was so pumped to see him and talk to him after not seeing him for a week! I was anxious to hear all about the bar exam. From what I gathered it was tough but he feels did really well! I guess we will see in October…

Friday—> B, my sister, and her boyfriend all went to an awesome water park and spent The. Whole. Day. playing in the water and sliding down the slides. It was super fun and we ended back at my parents for a yummy dinner.

Saturday—> I had my long run of 8 miles {longest run in forever}. B and I then went suit shopping for B for his new job and then went out for a great dinner at P.F Chang’s. {Great if your gluten free!}

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.38.29 PM

Sunday —> I got in a 4 mile recovery run and then we headed back to our hometown so B could see his parents and his grandfather. I went and helped my mom with her antique booth. It needed to be cleaned up and restocked. It was a lot of work but the booth looks so great!

11827005_10204677012391573_1929843321_o 11836466_10204677016671680_1157758920_o 11821531_10204677011351547_292868569_o

Monday —> It was our last day of just hanging out. I got in a run on the treadmill with some pick-ups for a 3 mile run and then we headed out to play some golf! It was a great afternoon of playing a round of golf and we topped the night of with some turkey burgers!


It was a great 4 days of taking a break from a crazy summer. B starts his big boy job next Wednesday and I could not be more excited for him and for us!

I will be back to regular blogging, I promise!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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