Summer Eating + Weekly Workouts

Good Morning!

Today is one of those days where I just wanted to crawl back under the sheets and skip the workout all together. It is rainy and gloomy but I told myself how awful a muggy afternoon workout would be and this did just the trick to get me moving!

A little motivation never hurt anyone. 🙂

I was kind of MIA for the past few days. We had a pretty busy weekend with B’s birthday celebration, my good friends baby being born and a baby shower {twins!}! It was certainly the weekend of celebration!


I always hear people saying they indulge around the holidays, well I think I indulge more around the summer months. BBQ, ice cream, wine, wine, wine….

Don’t get me wrong I eat for enjoyment and when the moment is right I celebrate but I just feel I have this saying in the back of my mind like, ” oh, it’s summer, live a little!” more than I do around the holidays!

Anyone else feel this way? 


Anyway I just wanted to check in and share some of my workouts which I have been doing as of late and I hope you find some you can use in your own routine


3 mile run + 20 Minute Circuit Workout 


5.5 mile speed workout at the track


3 mile run + a workout I saw on Peanut Butter Runner (She has the BEST workouts! This workout I have a few time and really love it!)



Rest + evening walk


1 mile warm-up run

2 rounds

25 weight squats

10 leg lifter per side weighted (#15)

15 bicep curls (#15)

10 jumping rope

30 sec plank

400 meters @7.5

25 overhead press (#15)

20 push ups

15 weighted crunches (#8)

10 leg lifter weighted (#8)

5 jumping jacks on the floor

400 meters @7.5

1 mile cool down


Hiking with a friend for a hilly 5.5 miles


3 mile run (HOT!)

What did your workouts look like this last week? 

Any celebrations going on? 

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