Weekly Workouts!

My workouts were kinda of awesome this week. This happens once in a a blue moon. I either start out great and by the end of the week they are sub par or they are sub par and end up great. This week however it was awesome the whole way through!


4 mile hill workout… 1 mile warm-up, 2 miles of hills, I would mix it up and run down the hill at times and other times just walk down depending on how I felt. Followed it up with some planking.


4 mile run + 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 30 sec plank, 20 jumping lunges {per side}, 10 sec side plank each side X3


3.5 mile walk + 5 minute plank routine


4 mile run {pretty low key run, legs felt great and it was BEAUTIFUL!} + —->>>>> X3



Rest Day. I did a nice evening walk after dinner. It was so nice out I couldn’t not go out. The long run is on Friday and I needed to save my legs as best as I could.


7 miles. They went much better than my last two long runs. It was nice out and I got in a great run with just me, my shoes and my Ipod.

I felt this week was pretty strong. I am getting back into that ‘training mode’ and running just takes over! I hope this high of workouts continues into next week!

How did your workouts go this week? 

Are you training for anything right now? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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