Bar Exam Week + Funny Gluten Free Story


I am a day late on the whole how was your weekend question, but I still need to ask! How was your weekend?!

Real quick: After 3 years and this whole summer B is taking the Bar exam this morning. I could not be more proud and nervous for him and i know all of the hard work and dedication he has put into these 3 years will pay off. It is over 3 days so thoughts would be appreciated!



Let’s back track to Friday…


I worked in the morning, Got in a super sweaty workout after work and then headed home for the weekend! {This let B study all weekend without me being around} I ended up getting to my parents just as my stomach started to growl so we hit up the local Mexican restaurant for some yummy food!

Funny story, I asked the waiter if they had gluten-free beer {English was his second language}, he laughed and said no. My dad respond and said the ‘hippie comes to town and wants her GF beer’. He brings back our drinks and hands me my water and says ‘here is your gluten free beer!’ Hahaha!

After dinner we all went home and watched Harry Potter 3 {Our family is a big HP family!} and turned in for the night.


I was up bright and early for an auction with my mom! We had a blast. It was pretty hot out but super fun. My first auction. My mom’s 100th at least!

After the auction I got cleaned up and my dad and I went car shopping! 5 hours later we have a new car! It was suppose to be B’s car but he is an awesome husband and is letting me drive it. I love my car but I have to say this one is SUPER nice!


After those 5 hours I was HUNGRY and ready for another crab bake!


I worked all day and then I met my parents and sister for dinner to hand back my car since I can only drive one car at a time ;).

It was a pretty great weekend with some yummy food and great company!

Anyone a Lawyer? How was the exam when you took it? 

What type of car do you have? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

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