Intolerances and Going out to Dinner

Good Morning!

Happy middle of the week!

I’m glad we are almost to the weekend, however this weekend is not going to be that fun because I work all weekend! Boo!!!

So let’s do a quick recap!

Workout: Tuesday

30 minutes on the elliptical, 3 miles, not feeling it at all

30 minutes on the treadmill walking, 2 miles, feeling it here more

Abs and legs for  30 minutes 


Workout: Wednesday

4.5 miles running in 39:45 minutes. This was speed day. I really do enjoy speed. 1. I get off the t-mill faster and 2. It makes me faster!  I can’t wait to see how much faster I will be getting over the next few weeks as I train for my upcoming 1/2!

15 minutes of abs and arms 


The last couple of days have been great! B and I went on a “date” last night. We received a gift card to Olive Garden and decided to cash it in.


Quick side note: We both love to go out and get food and have a great time. However, with my lactose and gluten intolerance it is so hard to go out. I have to always explain myself, ask hundreds of questions, and I just feel like I am bothering the waiter or waitress. With all of this, it just makes sense to stay in and cook our own meals. I also know what is going in my dish, and that no cross-contamination will happen.  B tells me that I should just be myself and not to worry what they think because I will never see them again, and it is better to ask questions and explain rather than I be in pain. 

I totally agree with him, but I have to say that this is easier said than done. I still feel really self conscious. So before we even went out last night I decided to check the menu to see if they had a gluten-free menu. If Olive Garden, a pasta and cheese heaven, had a gluten-free menu, I would feel so much better!

Guess what?

They did!! I was pumped it totally lifted my spirits and made me more comfortable to go out to dinner.

Whoop Whoop!

Whoop Whoop!

When we put in our name I asked for a gluten free menu, they had every meal that I was able to have, and it also indicted if it contained eggs, soy, dairy, etc

Our waiter knew when we sat down I had an allergy and made me feel great and told me to ask her any questions I had. I was so pumped I even got champagne! haha



Dinner was amazing, I got the steak and chicken kabobs with grilled vegetables, B got the Tour of Italy! He loves him some pasta! I honestly have never had a great meal at Olive Garden, but the steak and chicken were both so tender and flavorer I totally recommend this meal if you go!

B, waiting for the tour!

B, waiting for the tour!

After having dinner out last night I really feel better, the service was great and our server made me feel comfortable to ask as many questions as I needed.

3 tips when going out! 

1. Ask for a menu for your specific allergy

2. Check the menu online, if you can, before you go

3. Never worry about asking too many questions, it is your body and you don’t want to be in pain!

After dinner we went to the “cheapy” theater, $1.75 for a movie, you can’t beat that! We saw Les Miserables, this is my favorite musical of all times. Not being biased, because it won so many awards, but it honestly was the best verison I have seen.

th (3)

When we left the movies it had already snowed 2 inches, and this morning when I woke up I heard we got 5 inches! It is March and still snowing! Ugg, I want a beach and a tan!!


Have a great rest of your weekend!


Your turn! 

Do you have an intolerance? How do you deal with it when you go out for food?

What is your favorite musical?

I also really enjoy Annie and Music Man!

8 thoughts on “Intolerances and Going out to Dinner

  1. I think it’s awesome that Olive Garden had a special menu. I’m a vegetarian and often have a bit of a hard time finding specific things on menus that don’t contain meat and most of the time have to order something special. Of course, even that seems like it’s an easier challenge than dealing with an allergy.

    • Oh no I agree with you totally! Being vegetarian is your lifestyle, and making sure that animal product is not used is very important. It is just so nice to know that some restaurants are starting to accommodate, vegetarians, vegans and allergies:)

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