Pub Run

Good Morning!

Let’s get right to it!

Workout: Wednesday

I know that I posted yesterday about my workout, but last night I ran 4 miles. 

Workout: Thursday

4 mile temp run (34:40)

5 mile bike ride


Last night I was off work by 6 and on my way to my first ever Pub Run. The running store, where I work, has a group that meets every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. They typically have a large group on Wednesday so they like to do something fun!

The weather is starting to slowly become warmer so it was a perfect night for a run. A little chill in the air but the sun still out until 8 pm or so!

My job was to run at the back of the pack which I was totally cool with, I had already worked out and didn’t want to blow my legs out to much!

I ended up running with two other women. One was pregnant and an RD, I chatted her ear off the whole time! The other women was a little older but going back to school to become a yoga instructor! We had a blast running and chatting, the time flew by!!

After the run I hung out with the Saucony tech rep. She has an amazing job. She goes around to running stores, hooking the employees up with amazing shoes and apparel and talking about the product all day long. We talked about a job for myself and it was awesome! I can’t wait to share more next week 🙂


What is really cool about the pub runs is after the run, you hang out, eat and drink! It is very cool!! Last night however it was beer and pizza. Ugg! And obviously I can’t have that, so by the time I left and picked up B from school it was 9! I was STARVING!!

I ate a quick dinner and crashed hard! I work again today and have another run with some of my co-workers tonight!

Have a great day!


Your Turn! 

Do you ever do 2 a days? 

Do you have a favorite shoe brand?






2 thoughts on “Pub Run

  1. While I have run two a days a few times I don’t like it much — I’d much rather get it all in at one time, no matter what the distance. And my favorite running shoes are Saucony’s!!! It would be amazing to actually work for Saucony! 🙂 Good luck to you!

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