Wedding Edition: My Dress

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Here is another Wedding Edition Post!

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So this one is all about the dress! I think every little girl dreams of THAT dress. However, I was not that “type of girl”. I was so excited to start looking, but never really thought about my dress until I became engaged. So I got right to it! I checked out Pinterest, wedding dress stores online and through magazines.

I made our first appointment at a local bridal shop, Wendy’s. I got all of my pictures and notes together, and felt really prepared.

After much research I realized I wanted vintage, lace and not white. I wanted the dress to be similar to my ring, which was also had a vintage feel.




So with pictures and notes in hand we were off!

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So as you can see, I love the lace, cream and vintage! Well just a little spoiler, this is nothing I went with!

It is so funny because I really thought these were the dresses that I loved! When I started to try them on, I hated them! They were beautiful gowns, but they did not look well on me at all!

I was so overwhelmed that I just wanted to get out of Wendy’s, regroup, and go to our next appointment at Alfred Angelo.

I am so glad we did this, it really helped me and our wedding gown specialist really helped narrow down what I was looking for. I wanted an a-line, princesses. This is what I felt most comfortable in and this style of dress really showed the theme of the wedding the best.

I also LOVED Alfred Angelo because of one tiny aspect… they have the Disney Wedding Gown Collection!!!!!!!!!

You know how big of  fans B and I are of Disney, and I knew that they carried the collection, so of course I had to try them on!

At the store I only tried on the Disney line, the dresses were perfect  They fit my personality and theme of the wedding beyond words. I tried on all the dresses. I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to at least try them on even if they were not the look I was looking for!



Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty





Cinderella's Special Edition

Cinderella’s Special Edition

I truly loved all of these, but when it came down to decide…









This my dear friends is the Cinderella, Disney Bridal Dress. 

After a long day of trying on dresses, I finally found my dream dress. I was so excited to wear this dress down the aile, to tell B the story about the dress, and to tell him it was a Disney Cinderella dress!!!

I felt like such a princesses on my wedding day. I was in my dream wedding dress, walking down the aile to my dream man.


Your Turn

Are you married? What did your dress look like? 

Did you get the type of dress you thought you were going to get?

How long did it take you to find your dress? 

1 day!



3 thoughts on “Wedding Edition: My Dress

  1. I was very happy with my dress and found it on my first REAL time looking. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to find one you love!

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