Check In!


Wow, the last time I posted was 3 days ago! I really missed writing!!

Not much going on over here, like I said I work all weekend. So let’s do some catch up!

Workout:March 8

  • Run 4 easy miles in 36:43
  • Elliptical for 30 minutes

Workout: March 9

Workout: March 10 

  • Going to run 7 miles!


B was gone all day Thursday for some mock trial thing with our back home team, so I decided to just take a lazy day of movie watching, blog reading and book reading. I was not really feeling a workout and I knew I was going to be working all weekend. This felt so great for the body!!

On Friday I worked all day and then finally saw B at like 3, we headed to the library to pick up some movies to watch that night. We rented, The Muppets, so good. I’m not a huge fan of the Muppets, but Amy Adams and Jason Segel were super cute and funny in the movie!


Saturday I worked ALL day. And my brother-in-law came up for a vist. Which I was able to see him for about 20 minutes, but B and him had a great day at the Air Force Museum and playing video games 🙂

And now it is the end of the weekend, and I am going to work all day again!! At least I have tomorrow off!


Your Turn

How was your weekend? 

Watch any movies? 

The Muppets and Sherlock Holmes– A Game of Shadows 

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