Pinterest Friday

Hello Hello! TGIF!!

Workout: Thursday 

6 mile run, speed. 

Walk .50


I am so glad that it is Friday, but I work all weekend again, so really Friday means a whole weekend of work!

Today I have 4 miles of progression on the schedule and some arm/leg exercises.

Tomorrow is a rest day, but a full day of work!

One of my other goals for the blog is to start a consistent day of something, I read how other blogs have Friday Favorites or Motivation Monday. Well I have been thinking about it for a while and I really love Pinterest. It is kinda scary how I can start pinning, and the next thing I know I have 100 new pins and I have wasted 1.5 hours on the computer.

I really do try to pin things that I think I will use. If it be a recipe, a craft or an inspirational workout/running quote.

So I am here by declaring Friday, Pinterest Friday!

If you check out my Pinterest boards, you can see that I have a few boards :), and thus would love to share what I have pinned in the last week!

Changing Up the Closet


I absolutely love this outfit. I get a lot of my ideas for clothes from Pinterest. I have the pieces in my closet but I am not always sure how to put them together. I also love how easy and laid back her hair is, it just sort of completes the whole outfit. I could totally see myself wearing something like this in the Spring!

Home is Where the Heart Is


B and I love home decor, and home looking. It is something we both have a passion for. We both love this bedroom. Our bedroom is very similar, with the gray and turquoise. I love the hint of yellow in the pillow and the pattern of the comforter really draws the eye in and makes it a focal point. We both agreed this room is both masculine and feminine.

Health Freak


You guys know how many stomach issues I have. When I found this pin I was ecstatic.  I have always known that mint and ginger were great for the stomach, I drink peppermint tea all the time, but the other ingredients used in the drinks are just as good, if not better for the stomach. I am super excited to try the pear + Ginger+ Oatmeal+ sans yogurt + almond milk!  



As you know I have some issues with certain foods. However, that does not mean that I can’t pin delicious looking food. AKA Food Porn. This board has a lot of food porn but it also has a lot of recipes that I can eat, making a perfect balance. This pizza is one that I can eat if I substitute out the cheese with no cheese or vegan cheese. I think these pizza be great for during the week pizza fix or for a quick lunch.  I think when I make these I would try different fillings as well, ham and pineapple anyone? What about turkey sausage, garlic, and onion? My mouth is watering!



One of my all time favorite boards. I love to pin beautiful places, I love seeing parts of the world that I might not have the chance to ever see. This photo to me is breath taking. It is was photographed in Sussex, Great Britain. The color is so vibrate and almost seems unreal. It makes me urn for Spring and Summer, and allows my brain to just relax. Seeing this photo wants me to visit the Lavender Fields in Great Britain some day.

Inspiration in Words


I will go through a faze when all I want to pin is inspirational words. I enjoy reading something with meaning, and this pin is funny but has meaning at the same time. I can think of plenty of times when I am having an awesome day and someone does one thing to mess it up, well next time I am bring out the umbrella!  



I have a mild, okay, severe case of pugs. I love them. I think they are the cutest things ever. Their face, their body, everything is so darn cute! However, B and I are both highly allergic to dog hair, and thus will never have a pug! So that is why I have a whole board dedicated to the dog I will never have! This pug, so. cute. Beyond adorable, I WANT ONE!! Just puts a smile on your face!

Most Magical Place on Earth 


You know my obsession with Disney. I know B and I have a problem! This board, has the most pins from all of the boards that I pin! We both love pixar and when I found this, I knew I needed to get them. This postcard collection would be very cool to frame and hang up in our office!

5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2


My running board has pictures of runners, running workouts, and clothes that I love for running. My go to board when my running is blah, or I just need a pick me up! This picture was taken at the 2012 London Olympics, they are my two favorite runners for women, and it shows that no matter what race you are racing, running is a community that is strong and proud.


Your Turn! 

Do you have Pinterest? 

What are some of your favorite pins that you have pinned recently? 

What workout are you doing this week? 

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