Five Quick Facts V

Good Morning!

How was your day yesterday?

Mine started out with a 23.60 mile bike ride, lying by the pool, running a few errands, and then going to this super fun soul concert by our apartment! We danced to all the hits from the 60’s-80’s, and had such a fun time!

I thought today would be a fun day to do another Five Quick Facts about myself. It has been a while, so if you have missed my other posts you can just click the link bellow and it will direct you right to the source!

So let’s get to it!

1. I have many favorite Walt Disney movies, however If I need to just pick one Disney movie to watch for the rest of my life, it would have to be UP. The story line, characters and humor is so amazing in this movie! B and I just watched it recently, and it made me love it even more! The close second and third would have to be Cinderella, and Monsters University. Monsters University was so funny and such a great story line that I could not stop laughing and who could reset a little green eyed monster?! 🙂





2. I pretty much love all food. Just being aware that the food must be gluten free and dairy free :). However, there is one food in general that I LOATH!

Macaroni and cheese. I understand that this food is totally off my eating list, but even as a kid I hated when my mom made the stuff. I never liked the texture, or the smell, or anything about the food! YUCK!

3. I don’t typically drink much alcohol, but when I do, I love me some champagne! Something about the bubbles and the sweet taste gets me every time!


4. If I am doing a long ride or a long run I only take one type of product of fuel with me. PowerGel. This has always worked really well with my stomach and has never caused me any issues. Thank goodness it is gluten free! My favorite flavor being Kona Punch and Green Apple.

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.59.48 AM

5. My all-time favorite board game is monopoly! I might not win that often, but something about the game makes me want to keep on playing even if I am the world’s worst player!


So there you have it!

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite Walt Disney movie?

What food do you loath?

What is your favorite board game?

6 thoughts on “Five Quick Facts V

  1. I LOVE kids movies.. it’s almost a definite when one is on that I will sit down and watch it. Ben makes fun of me for it all the time but I think he secretly loves it!

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