Five Quick Facts IV

Hi and happy afternoon!

How is your day going so far?

I have said before that one of my goals of blogging is to start trying to post twice a day. Well sense I have today off, it makes it a lot easier to post twice.

I really enjoy doing the 5 Quick Facts!

So let’s get to it!

1. I have a bucket list. I made one my senior year of high school, and have slowly been trying to knock off things. I have completed a few (a marathon, Walt Disney World internship). I have many more to do, but I like taking my time and when I feel I am in the right place in life, I complete it! I really like my list, it give me motivation, to try new things and to explore life a little more!

Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 9.37.29 AM

Disney Internship!

Just another marathon photo!

Just another marathon photo!


2.  I have rushed the field at an Ohio State Buckeye football game, when they clinched the title to go to the Rose Bowl in 2010! B and I had season tickets every year we were in school. In 2010 our seats were at the very top of the stadium  I truly mean the last row. The stadium is made of three large levels, so when the game ended and we knew we had clinched everyone just ran to the field. B literally pulled me the whole way down the bleachers and I still try to remember how in the world we made it over the 7 foot wall!! It was a crazy time but totally worth it! We got pictures on the field, people were cheering and throwing roses. This was a great college memory!




3. In high school I was not a runner. I actually didn’t start running until the end of my senior year of high school and that was because I wanted to loose some weight for prom! During high school I did play a sport however, and I sort of mentioned it in my post this morning. Golf. I am a huge golf fan. I grew up playing with my dad and it just continued into high school. I received offers to play in college but decided that I wanted to focus on school, and I was becoming very burnt out on playing. Once I graduated I went and played for pleasure and I have to say, I enjoyed not being under pressure as much and just going out to have a fun time! I still love to follow the pro’s and when I get free time in the year I go out and play when I can!

Random photo of B playing golf in the summer!

Random photo of B playing golf in the summer!

4. B and I have been dating 6 years and 9 months, and married for 3 months! We started dating when I was in high school (junior) and he was a freshmen in college. We have had our ups and downs, but he is the only person I can see my life with. He is my past, present and future and my world. I always get the question, did you ever break-up? Yes. We broke up twice, once about 2 years into the relationship and then for a whole summer when I had an internship. I can honestly say we never stopped talking and thinking about each other. I know this is gushy and maybe too much of my personal life but I thought it was something to share because he knows me in and out and I talk a lot about him on the blog!

One of our engagement photos that we never use for anything!

One of our engagement photos that we never use for anything!

5. You know that we are crazy for disney, on a typical day we will talk about the parks and the movies. It is just normal in our house! So I thought I would tell you some of my favorite things to do in the parks! I love staying at The Yacht and Beach Club. We love the vibe, we love that it is close to Epcot (our favorite park), and we love how large it is! Our favorite restaurant, wow this is super hard we have a bunch! How about I tell you our favorite breakfast spot! Kona Cafe. Hands down. If you go to disney make sure to make a reservation there ASAP!

Inside the hotel!

Inside the hotel!


That is suppose to say Kona Cafe :)

That is suppose to say Kona Cafe 🙂


The fruit plate. You better get this!

The fruit plate. You better get this!


Your Turn

Tell me 5 things about you!

Have you ever been to Disney?

Married/Engaged/ Boyfriend/ Girlfriend: How long have you been dating your significant other? 

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