Big News!

Hi guys!

Oh my goodness!

I have not posted in forever! The past couple of days have been insane to say the least!

So I have some pretty big news….

B and I are moving to Charleston, South Carolina!!


He is transferring law schools and we leave at the end of this month!

We are totally pumped but have been crazy busy with packing and getting ready to move 10 hours!

I will be back soon to post more about the move and what we have been up to!

Tomorrow we are leaving for 3 days to go and visit!

Until then, have a great day!! Talk to you soon!

3 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Hey, I just found your blog and it looks like we have a lot in common :). I live in Charleston and am also a runner (and on running blogs). It’s a beautiful city and very health focused so you will probably like it here. Hope you have a great visit and the move goes well too.

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