5 Quick Facts! II

Good Morning!


I can’t believe it is already Tuesday. I feel when I work the weekends, days really don’t matter much any more. They are just days, weither it be a weekend or weekday! Does anyone else ever feel like that?

Today I thought I would another 5 Quick Facts About Me! I really enjoy doing this posts. When you first start a blog I feel you have to set boundaries as to how much you can share, what you can share and how personal you truly want to go. By doing these posts I feel I am opening up a little more, but still very conscience of what I am posting.

So, here we go!

5 Quick Facts About Me II

1. I worked at Walt Disney World! Yes it is true, I was hired for the summer in 2010 to work in the Quick Food and Beverage sector in Magic Kingdom! It was a dream come true, and an experience I will never forget. I know you guys think I am crazy about Disney, but you have no idea! So during the summer I moved into the provided housing with 7 other girls, oddly enough 3 of them were from Ohio, and the others were from all across the country. I was great friends with Ariel, Mickey Mouse, Pooh, and Alice (if you get my drift!). I ended up working in Fantasyland (AHH!), and sometimes Frontierland at Pecos Bill’s. In Fantasyland I worked at Mrs. Potts Cupboard, The Friers Nook, and The Enchanted Grove! 2010 was the best summer, working at Disney was seriously a dream come true!

Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 9.37.29 AM

Fantasyland costume!





Screen shot 2010-06-18 at 4.41.53 PM

I wanted this soooo bad!

2. My favorite fruits are apples (gala and green smith specifically!) , pineapple, grapes, and blueberries! But to be truthful I love all fruit!

My all time favorite dish at Kona Cafe in Disney :)

My all time favorite dish at Kona Cafe in Disney 🙂

3. I love to read. I probably go through a book a week, just ask B, I’m always reading when I have down time. I also NEED to read before I go to bed, it helps relax me and clear my mind. My favorite author is Emily Giffin. Check her books out, one has been made into a movie! I love book suggestions, so suggest away!


4. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is tea unsweetened. In the summer this is really all I drink, I love it both in the green and black form! My mom makes the best, she makes 2 pitchers a day in the summer and it is always gone by the end of the day!

5. I really love color. I am not great with wearing color but I love color for the home, and I think I do pretty well with using color! My favorite colors to use are purple (all shades), teal, turquoisegray, sea foam green and blue jean blue!


Your Turn!

Tell me 5 quick facts about you!?!



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