Wedding Edition: Location, Location, Location!


Today is our 3 month anniversary! So in honor of the occasion I thought I would do a Wedding Post this morning!

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The next installment to the wedding series is Location, Location, Location!

It did not take long at all for us to choose a location. We did not need a large venue, but we needed a venue that would host around 100-115.

Our hometown would not work, there is not really a nice facility to host the reception, so we headed a few miles up the road.

Going into the location, we made a list of things that were a must.

  • Catering included with the location
  • Some sort of deal because we were having a winter wedding on a Friday
  • Able to set up the day before the wedding

All of these were non-negotiable.

The first place was the Columbus Athenaeum.  B and I both fell head over heals for this place. It was romantic and elegant and fit our theme perfectly.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 10.59.23 AM

However, when it came down to decided we ultimately ended up not going with this choice. The price was great and the food looked wonderful, but the downside was the fact that it was pretty far from the church (at least a 40 minute drive). In winer we did not want people driving so far.

So we started to look for places that were closer to the church but still out of our hometown. This is when we found La Scala. 

Right when you walk in you felt like you were in Italy. It was beyond romantic, the reception area was in a sound proof area off to the side and was perfect for what we were needing.

There were two rooms to choose from. We choose the smaller room. It will be easier to show photos and then talk about it!



This was the outside, they had these beautiful trees with white lights and it was perfect for our photos.


So this was inside the facility. The tables were huge and the tables that were against the wall were actually a bench which was great because it allowed for people to have more space. The facility was set up so that 4 large tables were around the dance floor and 6 large tables were around the outside. Then the table for the bridal party was set at the head of the dance floor.



This was our head table, like I said it was at the top of the dance floor. In the corner to the right we had the DJ, right behind those curtains were the bathrooms. Which was also a plus because then the guests did not have to leave the reception to go into the dining area to use the restroom.



This really shows how bit the room was. We LOVED the chandler with the large pieces of fabric it made it elegant and rustic. As you can see the 4 large tables around the dance floor and then the other tables around the room. The mirrors really opened up the room and made it seem larger.

Over in the far corner to the right was the bar, which was really nice to have out of the way. There was a little nook as well which was great to have the appetizers while the guests were waiting. You can see slightly in the above photo that the cake was in the middle. We had a round table with the cake on it, and it was a focal point for the party. When it was time to dance, B and I cut the cake and the staff pulled off the cake, sliced it and swapped out the appetizers for the cake. It all worked out great!


The staff at La Scala was incredible. We had our tasting (Italian Food) and were able to take both sets of parents, and it was not a like a tasting I have ever been to. It was crazy how much food we got, they gave us the actual portions, not just a tasting but full on dinner!

The one thing that we really like about La Scala was the food. We were not very keen about the buffet or the plating, what La Scala did was family style. They had large portions that the table could pass around and when they were low on food the staff would just refill the order! It was great! Everyone commented on how great the food was!

IMG_1220 IMG_1219


When you walked into the door these were to the left in the corner, it was the seating chart and our guest book. As you can see we had a great space. Very large and open and we had plenty of space to work with!






Some more photos to show how great the room was! La Scala was the perfect choice for our wedding and we could not be happier with choosing the location! We had so many complements which makes you feel so good!

The next Wedding Edition will be on our table decor and other decor choices and more in depth about the food! 🙂

Your Turn!

If married what was your location? 

What food did you serve at your wedding? 


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