Wedding Edition:Now What?!

If you missed how we were engaged, check it out here!

The next morning was a blur in such a great way. Being from a small town word travels very quickly! I literally work up to the whole town knowing! After some much needed coffee, my mom and sisters started to really ask me questions. Like serious wedding questions! Date? Venue? Dress? Theme? Color? AH!!!!!

B and I talked about the date and we knew we wanted it to be in December, we both love the Christmas season, and this would work best with B’s school schedule  I never really wanted a summer wedding, we both love summer, don’t get us wrong, but something about the holiday season made it seem magical!

So we played around with a few dates, nothing before Christmas, nothing after the New Year, that does not leave much! We finally narrowed it down to Friday, December 28, 2012. Friday I feel is a new trend. This Friday worked out great because it was during the holidays, meaning most people were on a break or at least our earlier for work.

Date: Check 

Theme, what did I want? I really like color, but I wanted the theme to be very classy, romantic, and elegant. When I said these words, black and white came straight to mind. I really liked this color combination, and it allowed us to use silver and red as well for accent colors. These seem appropriate to use because it would bring in that holiday season feel!

Theme: Check

To be completely honest, we never really made a list to go through and check off, we just kinda realized what we needed and took care of it. My mom, deserves so much credit. She basically did everything. She knows my style and what I like, and we worked really great together. She probably had a list of things we needed, one I never saw! My mom and I had a great time shopping and really made us closer, I was so sad when planning ended!

Random photo of my family at Disney! Showing how awesome my Mom is!!

Random photo of my family at Disney! Showing how awesome my Mom is!!

Dress, was the next big question! I had “pinned” some dresses that I liked.







bfe987581b9e84bae6963f0cb16cc775It is so funny to look back on these dresses and the styles that I was “thinking”! I had no idea what I really liked until we went and tried them on! I was so excited to look for dresses, I started to make appointments right away. I knew that 12 months was going to be enough time to find something and get fitted, I was just so excited!

For the next month or so we would just talk about different ideas, venues, dresses, gifts for guests, invitations, etc  It was so much fun. In the end we did use a lot of the ideas we talked about and seeing them come alive was fantastic! Stay tuned to see what dress I actually choose!

Here is a look at some of my ideas I was thinking! You can follow me on Pinterest to see even more!

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Your Turn

What were some of the ideas you talked about for your wedding?

What was your theme? 

5 thoughts on “Wedding Edition:Now What?!

  1. We did more of a rustic theme…. yellow and grey were our colors and it turned out beautifully.

    I plan on posting soon about our engagement and wedding. 🙂

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