New Wedding Series!

Good Morning!

How is your day going so far? Mine is okay, this weather is just so depressing to me that I don’t even want to look outside! Ugg! The snow, rain, wind, and literally no sunlight makes you just want to crawl into a ball and sleep! Ugg, I have to get out of this funk!

So, I have came up with a post series that I think you all will enjoy! B and I were married about 2 months ago, and I want to start from the beginning.  I have created a page so you will be able to see future topics as well.

Let’s go!

We’re engaged!

December 8, 2011 was any normal day it was a Thursday, I had class and work,  but B and I had planned on meeting our friends at Easton Mall (an outside mall), to walk around look at the Christmas decorations and eat some dinner.

We got to the mall had dinner and talked about how we had been dating forever and our friends had dated less than a year, got engaged, and married! We were all laughing and having a great time. I realized something was up because Cindy, was acting kinda strange every time we talked about how they got engaged…

Our friends :)

Our friends 🙂

Dinner ended and we decided to split up, they had an hour drive home and it was starting to snow. So we said good bye, and went on our way to shop. I knew something was going on, and I had this feeling B was going to propose.

Sidetone: I’m very hard to surprise. I don’t think B had ever surprised me without giving some hint!

Alright back on! So we are in Restoration Hardware, making our dream home. And I can tell B is trying to get me out of the store. So we leave the store and I asked to go to Barnes & Noble, B was dying! At the store I was pressuring B and asking wedding questions and he was smiling so big, so I knew it was coming!

We leave the store and he takes me to the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the square and I see some people taking the pictures, and I look closer, and it is our friends! B actually had them set up to take pictures of the proposal!


Next thing I know, B is on his knee, saying really sweet words and crying! Even though I knew it was coming I was still in shock and asking really!? And then I see the ring, slightly die. The ring is seriously an extension of my finger! So finally B gets off his knee, I say, “YES!” and our friends join us in celebration! It was such a surreal experience, and one I will never forget!







After some pictures, laughs and tears, our friends gave us this awesome cake!




Not a very great picture of the ring, I will have better ones from some other photos soon!



The cake is B on his knee, in front the tree! It was sooo sweet!


So after all of this, B and I left to tell our parents the news! B didn’t even tell his parents he was proposing, because his mom is not that good with keeping secrets! We decided to go to B’s house first, and they were so surprised and happy! We toasted to champagne and told them how the proposal went!

We then went to my parents house, on the way I called my friends and told them, all super excited! We arrived at my house and the only one home was my Dad!! 😦 He was the only one to know however, B asked him many months ago, so of course he was exited. About 20 minutes later my mom walked in, and I told her I had some news. I hold my hand out and she walked away! She started to cry, and then she came back more composed!

Our whole family was very excited, and shocked, because no one really expected it! It was a perfect night, and the next day was filled with wedding buzz! More on that later!




Your Turn

How did your significant other propose?

Are you easy or hard to surprise?  

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