Pinterest Friday~Saturday Addition!

Good Morning!

Ohio State won last night, so I am pumped for today!! It is going to be an awesome day!!

Like I said last week I am going to be doing a Pinterest Friday series! Here are my picks (with links) to my favorite pins that I have pinned this week!

Let’s go!!

Changing up the Closet

Cabi Yellow

I am in love with this outfit!! The yellow pants are a brand name CabI, at my previous job all the women were crazy for CabI parties! I have a few pieces and they are timeless pieces that I can wear forever. I also love this color combination, it reminds me so much of spring!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Teal Bathroom

As you guys know, I am in love with aqua and teal color combinations. The tile on the wall is actually called mermaid tile. Cool,huh!? I love seeing when people put time into their bathrooms. The bathroom is one room, in my opinion, that can be fun, and go over the top a little bit with out being out of place. I also really like the tile on the floor, instead of plain ol’ white, they added a great flower design to put a little more depth into this very cool shower.

Health Freak 

Came from a plant

Is this not the best PSA you have ever read?  I don’t have much to say about the poster, because it really does speak for its self. Every time you go to pick up that treat wrapped in a bag, think twice!! 🙂

Cooking = Therapy

Black Bean Burger

I was vegetarian for 2 years while in college, I was into that whole hippy thing at the time :). Anyways, I loved making veggie burgers and when I saw this one Pinterest I knew I had to make it! It has a ton of veggies including corn, celery, and peppers. And the base is black beans and brown rice, making it GF as well!! Even though I am no longer a vegetarian I still really enjoy veggie burgers, I think they can be just as satisfying as a real hamburger!


Golden Gate Bridge

One of many places that are on my bucket list to visit would be California. I have a dream to complete the Coast-to-Coast Walt Disney World challenge, so this would be a perfect opportunity to visit the coolest bridge in the USA, The Golden Gate Bridge.  This is a stunning picture of the bridge and really brings out the how vast and amazing this bridge truly can be.

Inspiration in Words

Chill Out

Two reasons why I love this. 1. It is in all of my favorite colors. 2. The saying is beyond true! Sometimes we just need to ‘Chill Out,’ take a step back, smell the roses and stop getting caught up in the day to day events. After pinning this I started to calm down already! Try saying it 5 times, it will chill you out!!



Curled up Pug

When it comes to pug photos it does not take much for me to love them. I have a huge obsession with them, as you know, and this photo is seriously one of the cutest ones I have ever seen! I know pugs love to cuddle and this really proves how they cuddle and squish into a ball. Too cute!!

Most Magical Place on Earth


Oh Disney I love you so!! This picture to me SCREAMS magical!! This is a scene taken from the Walt Disney movie Tangled  If you have not seen it yet. You must! It is such a great “any one movie.” Like all great Disney movies, the story line is amazing and has a great meaning at the end of the film. It is a for sure must see!  I’m also a little biased because the color scheme is awesome!

5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 

No Run

Ask this to my husband. He knows me so well and can tell when I have not ran that day. I truly believe he dreads my rest days!! 🙂 It is a amazing what a run can totally do to your mood and that is one of the billion reasons why I love running so much!


Your Turn!

What is your favorite Disney Movie? 

What is your favorite veggie/ no meat dish? Have you ever been a vegetarian/ vegan? 

Feel free to link your favorite pins from Pinterest this week! 

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