Pure Barre~ The Aftermath

Good Morning!

Wow! I am sore this morning!! Last nights Pure Barre class was amazing, as well as the dinner to follow!

Let’s get to it!

So last night I attended my first Pure Barre class. I had an idea what it was going into it, but wow was it so much harder than I thought!


We started with a warm-up, which I typically don’t do when I exercise, however this “warm-up” was like the workout!

We did some ab, arms and legs things and then she announced time to get working!

So we started doing arms and I realized right away that we are just focusing on the small muscles not the big muscles, so basically the muscles you never use! Instead of making a big movement we would make a smaller movement, this killed! I feel my arms are in pretty good shape so by working on these smaller muscles I really had to work it! With each move we would do between 20-40 reps with about 2-3 lbs, I really did love the arm section and wished it was a little longer because the legs and butt were killer!


One other thing I want to note that I really enjoyed was after each body part, so the arms for example, we would stretch it out. This felt so good instead of waiting to the end of the class. By stretching, it made me feel more loose going into the next body part.

Alright so on to the legs. My legs have NEVER shaken so much. I started to laugh at how bad they were shaking. We did squats but up on your toes with a small ball in between your legs, and again for that 20-40 rep time and then move right into the next exercise  To be honest last night was a blur, so when I go back I’m going to concentrate a lot more on what exercises we were doing! My legs were on fire, I seriously could feel the fire burning in my muscle!

Next was the butt. Okay theses exercises were different, I’m not sure if I was doing it wrong or what, but I really didn’t feel much here and it felt more like stretching than working out the muscles. However, this morning it hurts to sit down!


Another thing I want to note is that our instructor last night was awesome. She was so up beat and so willing to help when we asked and always willing to lend us some help when it looks like we are doing the move wrong.

And last but not least we did abs. So the abs we started out by using the bar and doing some funky things with it and gripping it in different ways, and I really couldn’t tell how it was working our abs but then I realized that by just contracting the muscles like we were doing, it was working the abs! Then we moved to just the mat for the abs and I felt really good about this because again I feel my core is pretty strong, and it turns out I was right, it was super challenging but in a great way!

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 1.27.23 PM

Overall the class was AWESOME! I have signed up for their 6 day trial to try it again to see if I’m willing to take the plunge. I love doing strength and this class was great for that and just not the boring go to the gym lift some weights. I could totally see how this could make me a stronger runner.

This post is getting pretty long so I’m thinking I will post my new recipe some time this afternoon!

Have you done a Pure Barre class? What did you think?  

3 thoughts on “Pure Barre~ The Aftermath

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