Posts From the Past, Present and Future

Happy Christmas Eve!! 

Wow, I can’t believe I just typed that! It is so crazy to me it is Christmas ( I am sure you have heard that a thousand times! 🙂 )

This morning I got in a 8 mile run and it felt really great and the pace was pretty decent considering how cold it got over night!

Last night B and I had some friends over to play euchre, I have no idea how to play, so I just kinda pretended and I think it worked because we ended up winning. 🙂

It was a great time with friends and that is really all that matters!

Today B and I are headed home to our parents. It has been so stressful deciding how we are going to split time equally, but I think we have a plan that should work and should allow us to spend equal time with each sides. I am just glad that our parents only live about 5 miles from each other!

So do you guys watch A Christmas Carol? I love the movie and so does my family and it got me thinking that I should post a post about Past, Present and Future posts! 🙂


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!


Crispy Chicken Strips

Pure Barre


5 Quick Facts I


How I eat and Why It’s So Boring! 


Wedding Edition: Honeymoon



Running Is…


Tips for Running Your Long Run on the Treadmill

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 12.49.47 PMLegs and Abs Workout


Some Heavy Stuff

Doing so much better!


Specifics about running shoes and why certain shoes are better than others.
How I fuel for a race or a long run.
Finish up all wedding posts!
My favorite running gear from Old Navy (they have some of the best! 🙂 )
Modified P90X workouts

Your Turn! 

I would love to read about your past, present and future post!
Post links in the comments so we can all share! 

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