The last time I posted was Sunday! So what was I up to in these last couple of days?


B and I went back home for Easter on Sunday, we spent the whole day with our families and then I stayed with my parents for 2 more days while B went back to school to get in some finals studying.

It was great to catch up with my parents and sisters. I miss them so much!!



My younger sister returned from France on Sunday night so we talked about her trip a lot on Monday, and other than that my mom and I hung out, watched a lot of NCIS and ate to much dark chocolate!

It was blissful!

Today I got back to the grind with working-out and it felt great!

4 mile run nice and easy in 36 minutes

7 mile bike ride

Abs/leg workout

I have some really great workouts and recipes for the rest of week. I am crazy busy with work starting today, but really looking forward and can’t wait to tell you guys what I am going to be doing!!

Have a wonderful day!


Your Turn

Do you ever take off more than 1 day in a row of working out? 

Any fun plans this weekend?

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