Off to Grandpas We Go!

Good Morning!

How was your Friday?

Mine was AWESOME because I was able to spend it all day with my Dad! Like I have said before it is hard to get together with my family; yesterday though I had the whole day and it was great!


Before my Dad got here I did a workout that consisted of…

3 mile run in 26:28 min

1.07 miles on the elliptical

1-2-3 workout!

What a great way to start the morning on a positive note!

When he arrived, we hit the road to travel about 45 minutes south to see my grandpa. Back in September my grandpa was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, however for the past 66 days he was in the hospital because he had an allergic reaction to chemotherapy. It has been a mess but luckily with many prayers he was able to come home 2 days ago. So my Dad and I decided to head down for a welcome home visit!


We had a great time talking and just relaxing with him and my grandma! He is really doing great and in a few days he has an appointment to figure out the next steps to beat this cancer!

When my Dad and I left it was really starting to snow! The snowflakes were the size of quarters, it took us an extra hour just to get home! It was worth it though because we were able to talk the whole time and just reconnect with each other.

The day ended with B and I watching Hook and The Jungle Book. We are real party animals 😉

Now we are off to the largest flee market in Ohio! Have a great Saturday!

What are your plans this Saturday?

What is the best memory with your Dad? 

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