Good Morning!

Wow it is so nice in this part of Ohio! 31 degrees and sunny!! What more can a girl ask for?!

Today I thought I would kick things off with one of my all time favorite workouts! When I go to the gym I don’t want to be stuck there for hours on end trying to workout every part of my body. So that is why I have been using this workout routine for the past couple of years. I will do this routine every few days and it gives me a lot of flexibility on what I want to do.

Okay this all sounds confusing so let me just show you!



This workout really does give you that full body workout! For example, say i’m not in the mood to do lunges. Then I will just choose to do jumping jacks twice! I also sometimes switch up my exercise and maybe not do these here, but do a form of leg-ab-arm. As you can see this really can be a very flexible workout!

What types of workouts do you like best? 


8 thoughts on “1-2-3

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