IKEA and Family Time

Good Afternoon!

 So to divert from the whole deep topics I thought I would post some more about my personal life

 Yesterday was a great day because my sister came to visit!

 My husband attends law school at UD which is about, 2 hours from our hometown and it is hard to see my family when they are always so busy!!

 Meredith, my younger sister by 18 months, decided to come up our way to spend some much needed sister time together! She is one of my best friends and really a great person!


 She arrived right after lunch and we headed straight to IKEA! She had never been and it was a great excuse to go :).

I knew I had to get some side tables for our bed and some curtains. And guess what? I found just what I need. This rarely happens so I was stoked!

Some gray curtains for the bedroom

Some gray curtains for the bedroom

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 9.51.00 AM

This looks bland, however, I’m going to really change it up! Results next week!

After a lot of home dreaming we left IKEA and headed home to put it all together! Don’t you hate when you go to the store and you come home and realize that you need something? Yeah I did that! I forgot the lamps for the tables!

Meredith left later that night, and B and I spent the rest of the night watching House Hunters! My whole day was spent house dreaming!

How was your Friday night?

What are your plans for this fabulous Saturday?

If you have a leg day Saturday check out my leg workout!  


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