Daily Workouts + Tabata Workout

Hey guys!

I thought I would switch things up and catch you all at lunch today. 🙂

By the way I just started an Instagram account and I would love for you guys to follow along as I discover this new to me app. Yes I realize how behind I am!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.33.30 AM

How was your Monday? Mine was so-so we had no coffee in the house and I was draaaaaging all morning. Crazy how a little cup of joe can be so important! I also got in a morning sweat session of 6.5 miles on the bike and then a really fun running/HIIT workout which I thought I would share with you guys!

But first I wanted to post my workouts from last week, I never got around to posting them last week so really quick here they were…

Monday: 5 mile run with pumping up the speed .1 every time the song changed I ended at 8.5  mph and this felt so good!

Tuesday: Spin workout for 30 minutes + 1 mile walk with hills and speed

Wednesday: 4 mile run + 1 mile walk

Thursday: 5.5 mile run with every .5 going up .1 mph

Friday: I did a tabata workout (loving these lately) and my cardio included 3 mile run and 1 mile cycle

Saturday: Rest (HUGE sale so I felt like I got a workout in!)

Sunday: 5 miles easy run + 2 miles cycling

Monday: 6.5 miles plus running and HIIT workout


Alrighty so I have a great workout for you guys! If you like to do more than just run on the treadmill and you like to mix it up a bit, try this workout!

*Originally adapted from here*



*I am not a personal trainer, but these are the workouts I enjoy to do and I hope you enjoy them as well, however if you are just starting a workout consult a doctor before and if you feel dizzy or weak during the workout stop immediately and call a doctor!!

Your Turn! 

Have you ever done a tabata workout? What is your favorite? Share a link please! 

What was your favorite workout last week? 

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