Making a Negative Day a Positive Day

Good Afternoon!

Have you ever had a day when everything goes wrong?

For me, that day was yesterday!

B and I were at my parents this weekend watching my younger sister perform at her show choir invitational. The weather was predicted to be awful on Saturday so we decided to leave on Friday.

Saturday we woke up to awful weather and we ended up getting 5 inches of snow with 40 mph winds. It was crazy cold! We had a really great time at the invitational though and my sister did awesome!

They did a Spice Girls theme! It was so cute! :)

They did a Spice Girls theme! It was so cute! 🙂

Sunday we had to leave around 9:30 am and with going to bed around 2 am the previous night, it was tough getting up at 8! However, when I woke up I realized we were getting more snow! UGG!

It was staring to look bad so we left at 9:00 instead but this in when the trouble started! We are about 20 minutes down the road, when B realized he had left his phone at my parent’s house and I realized that my phone was dead and I didn’t have my charger.

At this point I realized I was going to be late for work at 11:30, the roads were horrendous we were going 35 mph in a 60 mph and were like that for 45 minutes. It was mind numbing!

We finally got back into town and I bolted to work, when I am driving down the road the car was shaking like no other, I couldn’t go faster than 30 mph on the highway or the car would be shaking to the point I thought the engine was going to fall out.

This of course was happening on Sunday when garages are not open. As I’m pulling into the store I realize B had left his phone in the car and I can’t contact him because the Internet at our apartment has been really spotty! Ugg!

About an hour into my shift I get a text from my dad, B had left his keys at my parents house! Come on!!! With rushing out the door we didn’t really do a double check and just left (I left some of my clothes as well!) This is all happening at work, at the same time I’m trying to get B on g-chat to tell him at about the car.

I was freaking out and my boss, who is amazing, realized I was freaking out and allowed me to go get everything situated. We were pretty dead at the store so this was AWESOME!  When I left I made a deal with myself that everything was going to be okay and I would just have to POSITIVE. I went to my car and knocked off all the snow that had formed on the tires.

Guess what?! This stopped the shaking and was probably causing the shaking!

When I arrived home I talked to B, gave him his phone, and we realized we had all the keys on his ring of keys so for my dad to mail them it would be perfect and save us money in gas!

This whole first of the day was super stressful, but I wanted to share this story because it just proves that when you take all this negative, positive change can happen. I took a breath and just slowly took the steps towards making those changes positive.

The next time you have something that seems negative, instead of thinking about the entire negative aspect, think about how you can change what is going on around you and think about a positive ending. When I use this trick I typically end up being less stressed and have a better outcome.

We ended the night with a nice dinner, a bunch of laundry and watching the Grammy’s!

Your Turn

Tell me about a time when you had a negative day and made it into a positive day!

How was your weekend? Any snow where you are at?

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