Top 5 Running Mistakes + Daily Workouts

The other day when I was on the treadmill, (go away cold!) I started to think about some of the running mistakes I make.

I have been running for 7 years but I always see articles regarding, mistakes we make when we are beginner runners. What about the mistakes we form as we progress with our running?

One of my first races

One of my first races

Sometimes I feel I have more mistakes now then I did when I first started out. I mean when I started running I was just running to run, now that I have so much information given to me about running I over think a lot of the times what I am doing! Does this happen to any one else?

1. Changing my running shoes at the 500 mile mark. When I first started running I was diligent on getting new shoes when I was around the 450-500 mark. Sense I have been running for a while I know when I need new shoes but I still try to put on 50-75 more miles on the shoes to get a little more life out of them.  This can be a huge mistake and one I am willing to change right away because I realize when I don’t change my shoes out it can lead to injury and pains that were avoidable. The sad part is I work at a running store!

photo 1 (1)

2. Not eating something after I run. When I first started running I would run 2 miles and be starving. Now I can run 10 miles and not feel anything. I am sure because I have built up my endurance; food is something that I don’t crave after a run. However, this can lead to injury. I need to start refueling with a good mixture of carbohydrates and protein to make sure I won’t deplete later in the day and for preventing injury.


3. I curl my toes when I run. I will get cramps up my calves and I realize I’m curling my toes in my shoes and not realizing that I am curling them and this leads to the cramps! I do this when I get bored, especially on the treadmill. I have to learn to not curl my toes and relax my body when I am running.

4. I forget to breath. I tell my 5k’ers this all the time; do I listen to my own advice? Not a chance! It is amazing when I think about breathing and sticking to a pattern how much better I feel.  To fix this habit I’m going to write on my hand, “don’t forget to breath!!” I think this will help :).


5.  I have cut the speed. But I have just started getting back into speed. When I trained for my first marathon I was diligent about getting a speed workout once a week. After the marathon I went through a stage of not wanting to be fast and just wanting to run.Once I started to train for a ½ I realized I lost a lot of speed from just doing the easy runs. Then I started training for the 2nd marathon and realized easy runs all the time were so much better than the fast ones. BUT I soon realized after the 2nd marathon I missed running fast and PR’ing at races. So I have reinstalled this workout routine, twice a week now and it feels great!


Daily workouts January 20, 2014- January 27, 2014

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Monday: P90X Legs and Back

Tuesday: 4 mile hill/speed workout

Wednesday: P90X Kenpo

Thursday: 8 mile run

Friday: P90X Chest and Back + 4 mile recovery run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5 mile hill run workout +10 minute walk + 20 minute bike

Monday: 30 minute bike + P90X Shoulders and Arm & Ab Ripper X

Your turn!

Tell me about your worst workout habit/mistake.

What was your best workout this week?

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Running Mistakes + Daily Workouts

  1. These tips are so good to read – I could use some of them now that I’m getting back into running post-injury! Even though I feel like I know what I’m doing, it’s easy to make those mistakes. Even today, I ran on the treadmill (granted, less than 2 miles, but still, more than I’ve done since November), and I didn’t eat until 3+ hours afterwards. I was STARVING. I don’t think I’ve ever scarfed down sushi that fast. haha.

    • Haha it is always good to remember these mistakes!
      I am so glad you are getting back into running and I hope you never have injuries again!
      I hope you enjoyed the sushi! 🙂
      Have a great day!

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