Wedding Edition: Honeymoon!!

Good morning!

Today felt like a great day to write a wedding post because last Friday B and I celebrated our 6 months of being married anniversary!

When I came home from work, B had bought a huge bouquet of flowers, dark chocolates and champagne to celebrate the night!

On to the honeymoon!

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We are kinda crazy for Walt Disney World, we hear about it all the time, but it is something we love so much!

It was a no brainer to us that we would be celebrating our honeymoon in the place we love so much!

Our celebration started the day after the wedding, we had a later flight, (11:00 am), which was great due to the long night of partying the night before!

Once we landed in Florida, we headed straight to our hotel which was on property. The resort was Port Orleans Riverside, I had stayed here before with my parents but B had never been. Well, he absolutely LOVED it!


After checking in we went straight to our room and look what we found!




For one of our wedding gifts, B’s cousin gave us this whole package. It was such a surprise when we  opened the door to our room!

After a long day of travel, we went to Downtown Disney for the night and ate our favorite restaurant, Earl of Sandwich!

Over the next couple of days we went to the parks, saw shows, ate at some great restaurants and just had a blast!

Some of the best memories would be the night we went to Cape May Cafe and ate at the all you can eat seafood buffet!

B cracking open a crab leg!

B cracking open a crab leg!

Eating inside Cinderellas castle was also a huge treat! I was getting sick so the pictures do not do justice, but we had a blast!



Another amazing memory was touring all the different hotels on property, we love hotels and so we took a whole day to just look at the hotels on property. So much fun!










We were there at Christmas time so we were able to see the huge light show at Studios, this was amazing!



We had such an amazing trip and really can’t wait to go back! I am finishing this post with a bunch of pictures from the honeymoon! Enjoy!

20001_4144307772363_1067751468_n 23724_4144114927542_848827448_n 64520_4144312012469_708597238_n 75389_4144123687761_890661849_n 148938_4144318852640_1372765118_n 148995_4144308092371_1941151653_n 182117_4144326332827_1457419241_n 182164_4144110767438_1459202947_n 252122_4144312452480_461227865_n 268526_4144303452255_905267837_n 270282_4144113167498_1305841377_n 320927_4144318572633_1698527577_n 321081_4144115567558_169254823_n 393099_4144307292351_1955707479_n 734202_4144124647785_1796237431_n 543151_4144314852540_535539601_n 541950_4144329572908_1685717967_n 481391_4144320692686_1349909606_n 530620_4144155088546_1044728640_n 537286_4144301892216_1891367978_n

Your Turn

If your married where did you celebrate? 

If your not married where do you want to celebrate? 

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