Totally Frustrated

Good morning!

How was your weekend?

Mine went by so fast!

Friday: I worked in the evening so I tried to layout by the pool, but we had a huge rain storm!

Saturday: Worked ALL DAY. It was the busiest day ever, B and I rewarded our self’s with Chipotle, so it totally made up for the whole day! We also rented Wreck It Ralph. It was so cute, if you have not seen I would totally recommend watching!


Sunday: We went back home for the day, I had a bridal shower for one of my good friends and B wanted to visit with his family. After the party and visiting with his family we went to my parents house and hung out for a bit!

Not yesterday, but this was my friends whose bridal shower I attended!

Not yesterday, but this was my friends whose bridal shower I attended!


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Friday: I biked 11.50 miles, I was really sore and tired and wanted to do 20 miles but I knew it was smart to listen to my body

Saturday: REST DAY!

Sunday: Run 6 miles

So if you notice on Sunday I had ran 6 miles, well not really. My legs have been so heavy and I have been pushing through it but at times they are so heavy I am literally not able to move.

Yesterdays workout looked like this

Run 2.25 miles

Walk .25–Which led me to the track and I proceed to run on the track

Run .75 (Total 3 miles)

Walk .25

Run .50 (Total 3.50 miles)

Walk .25

Run .50 (Total 4 miles)

Walk .25

Run .50 (Total 4.50 miles)

Walk .25

Run .50 (Total 5 miles)

Walk .25

Run 1.00 (Total 6 miles)

Doing the workout like this brought back memories of how I got into the running in the first place, I was doing a walk/run program and this built me up to where I use to be. I am pretty mad about how my running is going and it is totally disappointing sense I am training for a full in the fall. 

I am not really sure what exactly is going on, I am going to try something new this week and I will let you guys know how it goes. I am just totally frustrated.

Your Turn

Have you ever had a frustrating running issue? 

Tell me something fun you did this weekend! 

6 thoughts on “Totally Frustrated

  1. Oh yes I’ve had plenty of frustrating running moments. but I try and remember that it’s just running. i do it because I love it and it’s fun. As soon as it feels like a chore I usually need to just step back and take a break for a bit or run without my watch.

    • That is a great idea, I think that is my plan for this week. Just take a nice longish break (for me) and try to regroup! Running should be fun! I have to keep telling myself that! Thank you for your comment!

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