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Happy Monday Morning!

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I have a special treat for you guys today!

A few week ago I was contacted by Michelle Pino, she offered to write a blog post for me and do a inspirational board on what inspires us to live a healthy lifestyle. I have to say that what she wrote was super helpful and made me create a board of my own which I will be sharing sometime this week!

Without further adieu I present Michelle Pino!


Michelle Pino has provided these tips in hopes to educate others on how to lead a more organized and less stressful life.  Her hobbies include crafting, reading and learning about healthy lifestyles.  Michelle is thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth and together share their ideas on “­­­­­­­­­Positive Changes For Life”


SMART Tips for Creating Smart Summer Fitness Goals

Have you hit a rut in your pursuit of healthy living?  Typically used by wedding and event coordinators, inspiration boards are an assortment of different images that encourage you.  Inspiration boards can be used as a natural way of brainstorming.  Sometimes it helps to create some smart goals to help you break out of your routine and move on toward better health and fitness. Consider the following tips for setting fitness goals this summer:


Good goals are specific. When setting health and fitness goals, avoid vague notions and generalizations. Instead, goals should specifically address the five W’s.

What do you wish to accomplish?

Why do you wish to accomplish it?

Who will be involved in accomplishing this goal?

Where will you accomplish the goal?

Which type of goal is this, and what are the requirements and restraints?


It’s a lot easier to tell that you’ve reached a goal when you keep your goals measurable. A measurable goal can be specifically quantified, and an individual or team can track progress toward this type of goal. The questions answered by measurable goals include

How many?

How often?

To what extent?

By what time?


In addition to being measurable and specific, good goals will be attainable. If you work a desk job and haven’t been to the gym since high school, the goal to complete a marathon next month, while both specific and measurable, is not attainable. An attainable goal will generally answer the question, “How can this goal be accomplished?”


A goal to make 50 peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches before noon is specific, measurable and probably attainable. For your personal fitness, however, it is completely irrelevant. A more relevant goal might be to walk one mile around the neighborhood before 10:00 a.m. five days a week. Relevant goals will produce an affirmative answer to each of the following questions:

Is this worthwhile?

Is this the right time to proceed with this goal?

Does this match my personal needs and efforts?


The final descriptor of a SMART goal is “time-bound.” When should this goal be realized? This characteristic of a goal helps provide a sense of urgency. If you have  a goal of walking one mile before 10:00 a.m. five days a week, you will be motivated to get your walk completed by that time.

Here is an example:

SMART Tips for Creating Smart Summer Fitness Goals

 (Photo source: Inspiration Quote | Beach Yoga | Lululemon hoodie | Protein Smoothie | CNY golf resort)

 My goal is to be more active outdoors this summer.  More specifically, I plan to complete an outdoor activity this summer at least three times a week.  Where I live, the weather is only nice less than half the year, so I need to take advantage of it.  While doing so, I’ll be adding more active activities to my routine, helping me lead a healthier lifestyle.  Activities will include: Bike riding, walking, gardening, golf and crafting.  I plan to track my progress by keeping a planner. By doing this, I’ll have a running log of activities, and will be less likely to make excuses.

My goal is attainable, as I have doing all of these activities for awhile, I just want to increase the amount of times I complete them, and getting myself outside as much as I can.  To help attain my goal, I plan to improve my overall health to become stronger.  I will improve my daily diet by adding more energy boosting foods, and cutting back on sugary snacks. To improve the muscle movement in my swing, I will practice yoga at least two times a week.

It’s important that I set weekly progress goals to help keep myself on track of achieving my goal.  Also by enlisting friends, it will make my goal seem more fun, and less like a chore.


What’s your inspiration board look like?  Create an image board of your goal, and then hang it somewhere you will see it everyday.


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