Week Catch Up!

Hi Guys!!

I have so missed blogging these past few days! I have been pretty busy with work and other things. So I just thought I would pop in for a quick little post!


Workout: run 4 miles with B, walked 1 mile c/d, 8 minute abs/arms

I didn’t work this day but I had to take B to work, so that in itself takes up a lot of time! When B got home we started this 750 piece puzzle, yes we are lame, but the puzzle really was a lot of fun and it got us doing something other than sitting in front of the TV! I also received something in the mail which I can’t wait to share with you guys!!



Workout: suppose to be 5 miles, however my legs were SO HEAVY it only turned into 3.5. I was really bummed for a portion of the day but I just told myself it was one run in the whole scheme of things!

We live near a huge outdoor pavilion which hosts a ton of concerts in the summer, this night they had a band who played Beatles songs, so we sat and listened to them and played scoop ball, which my mom gave B for his birthday!



Workout: 16 miles on the bike, 8 minute abs

B was suppose to be going for his long run this day but when I was riding my bike I saw him walking, freaked out and realized that he had pulled his back! He has major back issues, I was totally bummed for him and felt really sorry. He just started marathon training! So while he rested and iced I went on my ride, came back and got ready for work!


Workout: hopefully a long run with the store this morning!

B and I both work all day and then we have some errands to run and will be ending our evening with The Cheesecake Factory!!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Your Turn

Did you have a busy week? 

Has your back ever gone out? 

Mine has never gone out, and I see the pain that B is in and pray that it never happens to me! 

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