Inspirational Board: Marathon Training!

Good morning!

Beautiful morning here in the state of Ohio!

June 17th, 2013 was an important day for me, it was the day I started marathon training!

Right now I am training for the full Columbus marathon in October and hoping to break 4 hours!

I ran the half in 2011 and absolutely loved the course so I am super pumped to run the full and see how the other half of the course pans out.

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 10.23.49 AM

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 10.25.16 AM

With that being said I thought I would share my training plan as I am running. I am also going to share the inspirational board that I have designed to motivate me through this 17 weeks of training! Monday I had a guest post about making inspirational boards to motivate us for a more active and healthy lifestyle. This motivated me to make a board all about marathon training and what it takes to really train for a marathon.

Monday: 4 miles in at slow easy pace/ 8 minute arms

Tuesday: 17.50 mile bike ride in 1 hour in 6 minutes/ 8 minute abs

Wednesday: 3 mile run @ marathon pace/ 8 minute arms/ 8 minute buns

Marathon Training


Your Turn

Are you training for anything? 

What is your favorite distance to run? 

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Board: Marathon Training!

  1. Love your motivation board. I just ran a marathon at the beginning of the month so I’m taking a training break til I return from vacation. Once I return I’ll begin training for the Columbia Gorge Marathon in October. My favorite distance to run is 20 miles. It’s far enough so it lasts for a while and allows me to really feel the run. Good luck with your training!

  2. Favorite distance is definitely 26.2 but 13.1 holds a special place in my heart. I’m training for Marine Corps and Richmond right now… I’m looking at a 1/2 in August or September and I’m already signed up for a 1/2 in April 2014. The joys!

    • omgsh I feel the same way about the distance of 13.1 and 26.2! I always tell that to people when they ask me! Sounds a fun year of running! Good luck with all of your training!

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