New Years Resolutions… Sort of!

Happy New Year!!


Last night B and I had a great time with a low key dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (they now have a gluten free menu!! :)) and then ended the night at our friends house to toast champagne and ring in the New Year!

Yesterday B and I were talking about our highlights from the past year and I have to say that even though we were married with only 3 days left in 2012, 2013 felt like “our wedding year.” So much happened in 2013…

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.27.30 AM


With this being said, I am really really looking forward to 2014! We have some really run plans and I can’t wait to share these with you guys throughout the coming months!

Moving on…

I am typically I’m a New Years resolution type of person. However, this year I found this on Pinterest





So B and I talked and we thought it would be better for us to do something like this instead of making these ‘impossible’ resolutions that we typically make and never really stick too!

1. A bad habit I am going to break... instead of coming home from work and just sitting on the couch and watching T.V I would love to break this habit and be more productive in the evening if it is cleaning up something or organizing the house in some way.

2. A new skill I would like to learn… I kinda already know how to swim, but I would love for someone to teach me proper technique, because you never know when you might start getting into triathlons 😉

3. A person I would like to be more like… my sisters. They have such free spirits and always just willing to do whatever and be who ever they wish to be. I want to be less type A and be more type B in situations!


4. A good deed i’m going to do… donate more to charity. I would love to volunteer more or donate some of our stuff that we are never ever going to use.

5. A place I would like to visit… somewhere new down south. I love the south and I love to travel so finding a new place I have not been is for sure on the docket for 2014!

6. A book I would like to read… I love WWII books, so I am going to find some good ones (fictional and non-fiction) and learn a little more about this critical time in our nations history!

7. A letter I am going to write... I love writing notes, this year I am going to write more notes to my grandmothers. I know they love communicating this way!

8. A new food I am going to try… anything gluten free. This year I went GF but I never really cooked a lot so this year I am all about trying the new foods!

9. I am going to do better at…  not sweating the small stuff. I get this from my dad and really when you take a step back, sweating the small stuff does not really make sense! 🙂

Your Turn!

Pick one or all of the questions from above!

Do you typically make resolutions?  

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