What Are You Doing Currently?

Good Morning!!

How was your weekend?

Mine was packed with working, running, and playing some putt-putt ūüôā

I saw this survey on this blog a few weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to try!

Feel free to play along in the comments!

Current Book

The Jane Austen Marriage Manual. I just finished the whole Harry Potter series, for the 3rd time, and I wanted something light, fun and girly! This is doing the trick! The author is very funny!


Current Music

I am not a huge music person, I will listen to pretty much anything. But I have been listening to a lot of country. I think the warm weather makes me love the country music!



Current Guilty Pleasure 

I am just going to point out that I am super lame, but my guilty pleasure is sleeping in until 7:15- 7:30! I use to wake up exactly at 7:00,  just those few extra minutes really help my day!


Current Nail Color

I don’t paint my nails, but my toe nails I always have them bright pink! Don’t ask me the color name, I just buy a hot pink that is on sale!

naiilsCurrent Drink 

I am loving the sugar free packets for your water! The Mango Pineapple is my favorite by far! This are really great after a hot run or when I want something sweet!


Current Food

Apple and peanut butter. I am loving this for a snack at the moment!



Current Favorite Show

North America on the Discovery Channel is awesome! I highly recommend it!



Current Wish List

To have my ankle pain heal!!

Current Need

A hair cut! I have not had it cut sense October! Having curly hair helps though!



Current Blessings

Having B home in the summertime and having the best summer so far!!



Current Outfit

Ohio State running shorts, my Old Navy gray vintage v-neck, Adidas running shoes

Current Excitement

Going home this weekend for a graduation party and seeing my family for a cook out on Saturday!




Your Turn! 

Tell me what you are doing currently!! 


4 thoughts on “What Are You Doing Currently?

  1. North America is so interesting! I almost cried watching the first episode with the goats trying to cross the water! I was in desperate need of a hair cut too, I hadn’t cut mine since November, but finally had time to take care of it this weekend!

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