Pinterest Friday


My computer is still out of commission but I am trying to do this post on B’s computer and I hope it works out! I missed Pinterest Friday last week due to my computer but I am going to post today! No if’s, and’s, or but’s!

If you click on the title link it will direct you to that board on my Pinterest. If you click the link in the paragraph, it will direct you to the original source!


Changing Up the Closet


I am loving, loving, loving, dresses right now. Especially ones that are not super tight to the body and allow for a more flowing feel! I am also loving dresses that have a nice pattern but  you can accessorize easily as well! This dress did all of that! I love the strips and the colors would be great for a 4th of July picnic! And how cute are those pockets?!

Health Freak


This week while reading as many blogs as I could I realized that a theme was occurring. A lot of people were writing about skinny vs. fit, strong and sexy, and fat days. This poster drove this home for me. You don’t need to be skinny, but by doing healthy things your body will respond and love you for it!

Cooking= Therapy 


How amazingly delicious does this look? I know that I can’t eat it (i.e gluten, dairy), but I still want to dream about it! 🙂 It also reminds me of my childhood when my mother would make these all the time in the summer with ice cream and then at Halloween with pumpkin and cream cheese frosting! YUM!



I have a major passion for Germany. Both my parents are German and my dads grandparents actually came from Germany to the United States. I have never been, but it is on my bucket list of things I want to do in life! When I saw this photo I immediately wanted to be standing there looking at the castle in real life! To me, this whole scene is just breathtaking!

Gift Ideas


When I saw these rings I thought of my sister right away. She loves anything to do with the state of Ohio. She has t-shirts, necklaces, mugs, you name it and she has it! I think this might be her birthday gift!

Craft 101


How cool is this? They teach you how to take your recipe and turn it into a tea towel! I have some recipes from my mom that I would love to make into a tea towel! I also have some recipes of my own that I would love to do this too! It would be a craft and then a gift afterwards! How perfect!

5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 


Haha! B and I just talked about this the other day! At least we both said we would drop each other! 🙂 We are both VERY competitive so it works out 🙂



Your Turn

What is your heritage? 

Any plans yet for the 4th of July?

It is one of my favorite holidays so I get really excited! 

What state do you live in? Do you have any cool things from your state? 

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