Life in the Fast Lane!

Hello Hello!

Oh my goodness! I have missed blogging so much! I miss my computer as well! It is having more than just some charging issues. So I am not really sure when I will have my Mac back! 😦

Currently I am writing on B’s computer, but it has nothing on it of mine so it is really hard to post pictures, look up my past blog ideas, and other things. It is driving me crazy! However, I wanted to post a little bit about what I have been up to the past couple of days/weeks!

Workouts: My workouts have been going great! I thought I was going to take a break from longer distance running, but with B out of school and  now only working (3 jobs!!) we have found  the passion of running together once again. It’s so hard to say no when B is going out for a 6 mile run and I want to tag along! So with that being said I have been running about 20-23 miles a week!

One of my very first races!

Random photo of B and I running a race!


I have also been doing this video a lot and this video!

We have also started to trail run a little bit! It is so much fun! I fell down the first time we went out, but it made me realize how much you have to concentrate when running on the trails!

We also pumped up our tires for our road bikes and have been taking  them on the many bike-ways around us. It is so nice to be able to ride  to the path instead of driving 30+ minutes to get to a park!

*If you want to follow my workouts, just add me on Dailymile!*

Life: It has been really great! We are having a blast! We just celebrated our 5 month wedding anniversary! We are both in shock that we have been married for 5 months already! Time really does fly when you are having fun!


*Make sure to check out the wedding page!*

With B working 3 jobs (1 commute, 2 from home) we are able to relax by the pool a lot! Our typical day is workout, work, pool. Living the life!

Food: We have been eating some really good food over here! Last weekend B’s parents came up and I made tilapia with a homemade salsa (avocado, corn, diced tomatoes, onion, s/p)! I have been making a huge batch of the salsa and we munch on it all week!

Last night I made a big batch of pasta salad! Organic brown rice pasta with turkey sausage and yellow squash and some Italian dressing. Super yummy as well!!

Fun: B and I love to have fun! As of late we have been going hiking, putt-putting, reading by the pond and chill-laxing by the pool! Life has been treating us great and we are just riding the high!

Hiking a lot here! Dayton area has some great Metroparks!

Work: I have been working a lot, but B is working  at the same place so it makes it even more fun to go to work now!

The run group is going really well also, we are in week 8 with only 2 more weeks until the 5k and the runners are really improving and doing such a great job! I am so excited for the 5k and to help each runner cross the finish line!

I will be posting all the workout we did in the 10 weeks so if you want to do your own “couch to 5K” you can follow the program we used!

I think that is it for now! I will try to post more and just pray my computer gets fixed soon!!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Turn

Tell me what has been going on in your life?!

Ever have really bad computer problems? 

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