Adidas Bostons 3 Review

Hi and good afternoon!

How has your hump day been going?

Mine has been great with a nice 5 mile run and a 4 mile bike!

I am actually going back out for another 2 miles or so after I post. I feel I run so much better when it is raining?!

So you guys all know how I work at a running store right?

Working at a running store really has some awesome perks. Like the fact I get free stuff! Some of that free stuff includes shirts, socks, fuel, and shoes. I have received 2 free pairs of shoes so far, and on top of the free pairs I have purchased more! I also get a great  discount on shoes and apparel, thus it is so hard to go to work sometimes! 😉

I thought a fun idea would be to talk about the shoes that I have received and purchased,  almost like a review. I have talked about how important shoes are for a runner and by reviewing them it will hopefully help other runners find a good shoe!

I also want to mention that I have a neutral gait, meaning that most of the shoes I will be reviewing will be neutral!

First up!

Adidas Bostons! 

The color is awesome! I love the bright pink and the fact that it screams a women’s shoe!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 3.22.01 PM


To tell you some more technical terms I copied this from the Adidas website.

“The adidas adiZero Boston 3 running shoe features an air mesh upper that provides maximum ventilation. adiPRENE® 45 lasting offers added comfort and cushioning. ForMotion® adds enhanced transition and responsiveness. Full forefoot adiPRENE®+ aids forefoot propulsion. TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity. Continental Rubber outsole supplies superior grip in all underfoot conditions. Blown-rubber outsole delivers lightweight grip and cushion. adiWEAR® outsole gives best durability in high-wear areas. Removable insole. Wt. 8.2 oz.”

I had been having some issues with my Wave Riders, they have been causing some pain in my knee and ankle. When I received the Bostons I decided to try them on my long run on Sunday. I am so glad I did.

These shoes reminded me so much of my Wave Riders, that I had to check my feet a few times to make sure I was running in the Bostons! However the biggest difference that I found was the shoe was a little more narrow through the upper of the shoe, which I liked. I also found the shoe to be a little bit lighter feeling (The Wave Rider 16 is 9.9 oz).

See what I mean by more narrow!

See what I mean by more narrow!

I have now ran in the Bostons 4 or 5 times and each time I have less and less knee and ankle pain. I think the over all problem was the fact that I needed a new shoe, not that my Wave Riders were actually causing me trouble! Even though I work at a running store it does not always mean that I always follow my own advice 🙂

Another thing that I really really like about the shoe is actually on the bottom of the shoe! Adidas has a contract with Continental, which is a tire company. Continental is on the inside and the toe of the shoe allowing for a better grip when running on surfaces that might be slipperier or uneven. You will feel this difference trust me! I noticed it right away when I was running in the rain today!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 4.29.53 PM

 The Boston is a great shoe, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a neutral light weight shoe!

Your Turn

What do you look for in a shoe? 

Right now I am looking for a light weight shoe with good support! 

Have you ever ran in an adidas shoe? How did you like it/dislike it?

5 thoughts on “Adidas Bostons 3 Review

    • Thank you! I would highly suggest wearing running clothes and bring in your current running shoes. Wearing running clothes will make it feel more “real,” and your store might even have a treadmill for you to test the shoes, so being in your running clothes would be really helpful. By bringing in your current shoes most places will be able to see what you like/disliked from them and be able to tell if they were actually a good shoe for you! I hope that helps!

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