Weekend Catch up!


How is day going? I hope you have warm weather like we are having right now in Ohio!

From Friday until today, my life has been go, go, go!

Don’t get me wrong I love it! But I was very glad for Monday to arrive so I would be able to just chill-lax for a bit!

Friday: Rest day

Work at night with B. He is working at the store part-time and doing an internship part-time. It has been great working together and actually seeing each other more now that law school is out for the summer!

Saturday: Ran 3 miles with the “My First 5K” group. It was their first time running for a solid 5 minutes! It really felt great to see how much they have improved! The race is less than a month away!

Saturday evening B and I rented Argo. It was a great movie, but I am not sure that I like it more Than Les Miserables or Life of Pi (these were the best pictures of the year nominees as well). I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie and never felt relaxed!

Sunday: Oh workout! I was ready to run, like pumped. I started to run and felt nauseated from the start! Boo. So I walked 2.5 miles and then headed back to do the bike. My legs were just heavy and I actually listened to my body and just stopped my workout all together and rested before work! I know, I am a changing person! 🙂

Sunday was also a group outing for work, we went bowling and it was a blast. I lost horribly, but it was still a great time! And we ended the night with watching the new series, North America on the Discovery channel.


What a jammed packed weekend! Now B and I are off to hike on a new trail!

Your Turn

How was your weekend? 

Anyone else watching North America? 

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