Pinterest Friday!

Good Morning and happy Pinterest Friday!!

Let’s get the ball rolling this morning with some of the pins which I have pinned this week!

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Changing Up the Closet 

Chevron Top

I am a huge fan of anything chevron! Put the pattern on clothes and I love it even more! The fact that this outfit is also very beach-y,  makes it feel like a true summer outfit!

Health Freak

Healthy Meats

For one year of college I went vegetarian.  I don’t know what I was thinking! I love chicken and seafood way too much to be eliminating these foods from my diet! So I started eating meat again and have discovered that I really love steak as well! Red meat once or twice a week is not going to kill you! I found this chart to be really helpful and I hope it can help you as well!


Mojito Purple

Just the color of this drink makes me want to gulp the whole beverage down! When I saw this mojito I knew I had to make it for the coming Memorial Day festivities!! How great will this be for a party!?



How breathtaking is this photo? And guess where the photo was taken? Mt. Hood, Oregon!  Right here in the United States! I love the contrast of the bright tulips with the white snow caps of the mountain! So breathtaking!


Baby and Dogs

I know I have a crazy obsession for pugs, however I also have a crazy obsession with french bull dogs! And when you combine them with babies, the picture is going to be adorable! The little hands of the baby holding the puppies is so precious!

Most Magical Place on Earth

Walt Disney Quote

Walt Disney has some great quotes. I found this one to be very inspirational and very relatable for life! I think that is one of the many reason I love Walt Disney World so much, it is because everything is life relatable to the movies or the theme parks!

5k, 10, 13.1, 26.2

Rainy Day Runners Workout

I love running in the rain. Sometimes though the rain can be little too hard to run in! When I found this pin I thought it was a great idea to have just in case I do come across one of those bad rain days! I tried this yesterday and let me tell you my legs are still sore! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a great workout for the legs!


Your Turn

What is your favorite type of dog? 

Are you doing anything for Memorial Day? 

What is your favorite pattern? 

Favorite type of meat? 


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