Final Stage!!

Good Morning!

How was your weekend?

Mine was great and I will get to that in another post, right now I want to talk about the final stage of “My 1st 5K!


The final stage was actually completing a 5k race, running the full race with no walking!


We started the morning off by meeting at 7:45 am at the race location to meet up, get the runners bibs pinned to their shirt and shaking out all the nerves!




We then went on a 5 minute warm-up walk, which was what we did every time before we started our run. Making for a more normal feeling 🙂

Then we got ready to race!

The national anthem was sang and we were off!!!





The goal was to start the first 1 mile together and just go sloooooooooow, if the runners then wanted to split off and run faster they were more than welcome to speed up.

When we reached mile 1 people started to either 1. speed up 2. slow down 3. continue at the speed we started at!

When we reached mile 1 I was with a lady who had lost about 20 pounds, and she almost started to cry because she had never ran a full mile without walking! It was very inspirational!


B thankfully tagged along and stayed in the back, however  I would run back and forth to check on the runners to make sure they were feeling good and having a great time!

The course was set inside a retirement home, so the crowed was older people. But it was by far the best crowed I have ever ran through for a 5k!! They were so enthusiastic! They had post and pans and whistles and kazoos! It was so much fun and the residents were so happy to be cheering us on!


When we got to mile 2, everyone I was around was so happy to have 2 miles. Most of these women had never ran a full mile let alone 2! Again it was so inspirational!


At this point we were pretty spread out, but the course was open enough that I could see all of our runners, so it made it easy for sprinting back and forth.


As we were closing in on 2.5 miles, I stayed with one women the whole time, and pushed her to the finish!

We all finished under 40 minutes!! I am so proud of each runner who stuck with it!


Everyone was so proud of themselves and I am so proud of them!

All the runners ran the whole race, without stopping and I have never seen such big smiles in my life!

The race ended with a breakfast and many pictures!


I can’t say how proud I am of each runner!

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