Pinterest Friday!

Hello Hello!

Are you guys ready for another week of Pinterest Friday?!

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Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday!

Changing Up the Closet


I am so in love with white for summer. When you have a healthy glow from the sun and you pair this with white and touches of navy and brown I say, “outfit, complete!!” I would button the top a little more, it seems pretty exposed, but I love the belt and the eyelet fabric used to make this dress!

Home is Where the Heart is


I am typically not a huge fan of white walls. I really love color. But when I saw this kitchen, and the different pops of color is kinda made me change my mind! The white is so clean and refreshing and by adding the teal chairs and other splashes of color, it makes for a wonderful kitchen! I also love the wainscoting, this gives the “boring white” a nice texture!



This week I pinned so many different food recipes! When looking through them all, it made my stomach start to grumble! 🙂 However, I narrowed it down to one and the reason I choose this was because once again I am crazy for color! I love the wrapping around the cake and then the icing is such a stunning color! I also love the fact that she used blackberries as a garnish. The deep purple goes perfect with it all! I think I will try to make these key lime cupcakes with blackberry frosting for my family this weekend!

Inspiration in Words


Plain and simple, I loved the design and the saying. I need to remind myself to do this more often!

Craft 101


How super easy is this. All you need is a canvas board, and some wooden letters. Then you spray paint the letters and glue them to the canvas  board. This is super cute and super fun to make! I can’t wait to try this sometime soon! Easy, cute, wall art for super cheap!

Most Magical Place on Earth


You guys know that I am crazy for Walt Disney World. So it is really no surprise that I am stoked for the new Monsters Inc. movie!! It looks so cute, and I love when they do movies before the original movie, you see the characters in a totally different light!! Makes for a great movie!

The Laughing Floor


I need to buy these in stock! I know that if I am hungry, I can become very mean and moody. I try really hard not to, but if something makes me snap when I am hungry I just lose it! So maybe if I give this to B after dinner some nights he will understand 😉

5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2


I say super cheese things to my group of runners, as well as to myself when I am running to motivate myself! I think I am going to start saying this to myself more and more! It just makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face! 🙂


Your Turn

Are you excited for the Monsters Inc. movie? 

Women: Do you wear dresses in the summer or skirts more? 

Cupcakes or cake?

What does your kitchen look like?  



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