Weekly Workout 10/21-11/4

This might be a little late, but better late than never ūüôā Last week I had a great week of workouts and I thought I would share these before this week is over! I got in some great runs and some hard P90X training sessions.

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Monday~ 3 mile run + P90X Bicep & back. The run was pretty tough for some reason.

Tuesday~ P90X Kenpo + Ab Ripper X. The next day I really felt this!

Wednesday~ 5 mile run + 3 ish miles in the evening with the 5k group. Felt really strong on the 5 miler, the knee was a little sore but I just pushed and pushed and felt great afterwards.

Thursday~ 3 mile run + P90X Arms & Shoulders. Legs were pretty heavy after the runs on Wednesday but I kept going ūüôā

Friday~ P90X Plyometrics. Super tough, but super effective. I feel I am still sore from this workout!

Saturday~ Rest

Sunday~ Ran for 4.25 miles + P90X Legs and Back. I was suppose to go for 10 miles, but the knee was killing me! In the past I would have freaked out, but I just went with the flow and realized that 4.25 was better than none!

Pinterest Friday!


Who is happy that it is Friday?! I am pumped and so ready for my race tomorrow. Even if I have race jitters, I am still super pumped to run!

I made a promise that I would for sure post Pinterest Friday on Friday this time!

So here we go!


Changing Up the Closet

Mint Jeans with cream top

This outfit is so perfect for Spring! I am typically one to stay away from patterns but this pattern is so cute that I would totally wear this in a heartbeat! I love the mint color jeans as well, I feel this are really in style. I have a pair from Target and LOVE them!


Strawberry Cake

As you guys know I can’t eat dairy or gluten. However, that does not stop me from¬†drooling¬†over pictures of cake and sweets! When I saw this cake I was really craving some strawberries. This looks like a perfect cake to end a nice summer BBQ! What do you think?!

Gift Ideas

Tea Gift

I love to give gifts to my friends! So I made a board on Pinterest with all of my¬†favorite¬†gift ideas! I thought this one was really cute and simple! Get some really nice tea or coffee and pair it with a cup! How cute, easy and perfect is that?! I know if I¬†received¬†this gift I would be in love! ūüôā

5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2

Even a Bad Run

I have been having some not so hot runs as of late. So when I saw this picture I knew it was for me! Even though we have our bad days, we still go after our goals, that is much better than what most can say!

Workin’ It Out

1000 Rep Workout

I have done this workout now about 5 times. Wow. That is the only word I can say! Once you complete it though you feel so strong! I like to time myself as well to see how far I have come. From the first to the last time I have shaved off 10 minutes!

Your Turn

What is your go to summer dessert? 

Dairy free Ice Cream! Arctic Zone is my favorite! 

What is one of your favorite gifts that you have given? 

What is a really tough workout that you like to do? 

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