Hiking, running and Football

Good Morning!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

The last time we left off I was telling you guys B had a fall break and we were going to live it up!

And guess what?!

We did!

We had so much fun! Starting with Thursday we went on pretty long hike to a place called, “The Narrows.” It was not a hard trail to walk at all, but it was really really pretty! We walked parallel with the Miami River for a long time and walked up a few steep cliffs. It was perfect weather as well and we just enjoyed each other and nature!







Wave Riders represent!


B and E’s day of fun! (Have you ever seen that Friends episode?!)


DSC03370 DSC03371




I thought this looked like a candy corn mushroom!


Pretty steep!



Friday I worked in the morning, but after work we went to another place to hike. Bill Yeck is a local park in the Dayton area and if you live around here we HIGHLY recommend hiking here! It was so amazing. It was pretty difficult at parts with really steep walk ways, narrow paths and to cross the Sugar Creek river you had to walk basically in the water! It was so much fun! We love challenging courses and this was for sure one of those!

Saturday I worked all day so B invited his dad to come up to our place to watch football. Which I know he loved!

Sunday was dedicated to our long runs (mine was AWFUL, B’s was AWESOME!). We then headed out to get some new clothes for the fall/winter weather. I got some really cute shoes and some great long sleeve shirts. B ended up getting about 5 shirts and a pair of jeans!






I would say that we had a pretty fun time on his break and it was super hard to take him to school this morning!

On the agenda today I have a 5 mile run with some ab and arm work and then I’m going antiquing!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Turn

Do you like to go hiking? 

How was your long run this weekend if you had one?