Summer Eating + Weekly Workouts

Good Morning!

Today is one of those days where I just wanted to crawl back under the sheets and skip the workout all together. It is rainy and gloomy but I told myself how awful a muggy afternoon workout would be and this did just the trick to get me moving!

A little motivation never hurt anyone. 🙂

I was kind of MIA for the past few days. We had a pretty busy weekend with B’s birthday celebration, my good friends baby being born and a baby shower {twins!}! It was certainly the weekend of celebration!


I always hear people saying they indulge around the holidays, well I think I indulge more around the summer months. BBQ, ice cream, wine, wine, wine….

Don’t get me wrong I eat for enjoyment and when the moment is right I celebrate but I just feel I have this saying in the back of my mind like, ” oh, it’s summer, live a little!” more than I do around the holidays!

Anyone else feel this way? 


Anyway I just wanted to check in and share some of my workouts which I have been doing as of late and I hope you find some you can use in your own routine


3 mile run + 20 Minute Circuit Workout 


5.5 mile speed workout at the track


3 mile run + a workout I saw on Peanut Butter Runner (She has the BEST workouts! This workout I have a few time and really love it!)



Rest + evening walk


1 mile warm-up run

2 rounds

25 weight squats

10 leg lifter per side weighted (#15)

15 bicep curls (#15)

10 jumping rope

30 sec plank

400 meters @7.5

25 overhead press (#15)

20 push ups

15 weighted crunches (#8)

10 leg lifter weighted (#8)

5 jumping jacks on the floor

400 meters @7.5

1 mile cool down


Hiking with a friend for a hilly 5.5 miles


3 mile run (HOT!)

What did your workouts look like this last week? 

Any celebrations going on? 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

Happy National Running Day! + Top 5 Shoes

How many of you have already read a title which said, “National Running Day!?” I know I have! Haha.

Working at a running store you for sure have perks of running gear and shoes. I see A LOT of product on a daily basis and need to talk with a lot of people about this product. So I thought I would go ahead and show you a list of my top 5 running shoes.

1. Miznuo Wave Rider 18 : This will always be one true love. I have been wearing this shoe since the 12th model and I have loved every model since {besides 17, I don’t think anyone liked 17!}.


2. Brooks Pure Flows 4: I am loving these for my cross-training days and for days when I do a sprint workout with some HIIT


3. Adidas Tempo 7 Boost: These are some super light weight, lower profile shoes and I love the extra “Boost.” If you have not tried out a “Boosted” shoe run to the store now and try one on ASAP!


4. Saucony Triumph ISO : These have so much cushion! I am typically not a cushion person but for walking around they are great and my feet are NEVER tired when I wear these for an all day shift at the store!


5. Nike Pegasus 32: If you would have told me a few years ago this would be on my list I would have deemed you crazy! But I am loving the Pegasus. It is so light weight and I feel they have made them much wider which is great if you have wide feet like myself! I am also loving the color!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 8.32.20 AM

Always make sure if you are running or walking to get fit by a specialty running store! They are able to tell you more about the shoe, the way your foot is walking or running and they really care what you are wearing on your feet!

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! See you on the road! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM