Weekly Workouts 11/11- 11/17

I had a pretty strong week of workouts this week. I was happy with my running and I was happy with how many P90X workouts I got in! Using strength training with running has really helped with my running overall!

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Monday: P90X ~ X Stretch. Man was this needed or what?! I was really sore after the 11 on Sunday so a much need stretch was perfect for the start of the work week!

Tuesday: 4 mile run (easy pace) + P90X Arms and Shoulders. Run went really really well. I was pretty happy with how my run went actually! Arms was pretty tough for some reason, I pumped up my weight again on some of the exercises and really felt it!

Wednesday: P90X Plyometrics + Ab Ripper X. I was not really wanting to workout, but once the sweat was dripping in my eyeballs I was glad I started!

Thursday: 6 mile run. I felt really good on this run and kept a nice clip the whole way. My legs were a little tired but that is always expected sense the night before I am running 3-3.2 mile with the My 1st 5k Group.

Friday: 4 mile run. It was pretty easy and my legs felt great. :). + P90X Arms & Shoulders

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 12 mile run. My legs felt great and I was really looking forward to the run!

Weekly Workouts 11/6-11/13

So I have kinda dropped the ball on posting of workouts! But I am back and ready to post:). I did write the one post you can check it out here! And check out my recaps of past workouts here! 

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Sunday: Failed long run. 4.25 miles, knee was killing me. Did some P90X Legs and Back. Watched how I did the exercises.

Monday : 4 mile run. My knee felt 100% better after using some KT Tape, it made the knee feel amazing!

Tuesday: P90X Core Synergines. Ow. Is all I have to say. Felt so good the next day!  

Wednesday: 5 mile run + P90X Arms and Shoulders. I loved doing the strength and cardio combo. Running seems easier when your stronger :).

Thursday: P90x Kenpo + Ab Ripper X. Almost made this a rest day but I am glad I did not rest! This workout always makes me feel strong!

Friday: 4 mile run + P90X Legs and Back. I was ready for this run and able to push through. Pushing through makes you feel so much better at the end of the workout!

Saturday: Rest  

Sunday: 11 mile run. I was not able to get it done during the morning, but I was able to squeeze it in during the evening. I felt really good through out and I was able to KT Tape my leg which made it feel extra better :).

Weekly Workout 10/21-11/4

This might be a little late, but better late than never 🙂 Last week I had a great week of workouts and I thought I would share these before this week is over! I got in some great runs and some hard P90X training sessions.

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Monday~ 3 mile run + P90X Bicep & back. The run was pretty tough for some reason.

Tuesday~ P90X Kenpo + Ab Ripper X. The next day I really felt this!

Wednesday~ 5 mile run + 3 ish miles in the evening with the 5k group. Felt really strong on the 5 miler, the knee was a little sore but I just pushed and pushed and felt great afterwards.

Thursday~ 3 mile run + P90X Arms & Shoulders. Legs were pretty heavy after the runs on Wednesday but I kept going 🙂

Friday~ P90X Plyometrics. Super tough, but super effective. I feel I am still sore from this workout!

Saturday~ Rest

Sunday~ Ran for 4.25 miles + P90X Legs and Back. I was suppose to go for 10 miles, but the knee was killing me! In the past I would have freaked out, but I just went with the flow and realized that 4.25 was better than none!

Week Workouts 10/14-10/20

I have some pretty big news that I will be sharing tomorrow morning/afternoon. So be on the lookout!

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Monday~ Ran 5 miles on the treadmill, my legs felt really great I felt really strong! Nice change of pace 🙂

Tuesday~ Walked 4 miles + P90X Shoulders and Back. I have started listening to a really great Nutrition and Wellness podcast on my ipod. They have some great topics!

Wednesday~  2.5 mile run+P90X~ Legs and Back. Just not feeling like working out, maybe I need to take off 2 days a week?

Thursday~ Ran 5.5 miles. Ran a mile, walked a mile, legs were just not liking me.

Friday~ 4 mile walk + Biceps and Back. I don’t remember this at all.  

Saturday~ Off

Sunday4 mile walk + Legs and Back Was going to be a run, but that did not happen.

Your Turn! 

How was your workout week?


Weekly Workouts: 10/6-10/13

I was really looking forward to my week of workouts, however an intense leg workout during the middle of the week kinda screwed up the weekend plans! I only hope that leg workout was worth it in the end!

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Monday2 mile walk with some abs & arm work. My legs were pretty sore after the 12 miles from the previous day; so I took it nice and slow on the treadmill added with some ab and arm workout, and it made for a great sweat!

Tuesday~ Ran 6 miles, I am not sure how it went. From the theme of running I am sure it was not good!

WednesdayP90X~ Legs and Back. This killed me for the rest of the week! My legs are still kinda tight even as I am posting this on Monday!

Thursday~ B and I went on a 4 mile hiking walk and I paired the walk with some P90X Biceps, Triceps and shoulders. 

Friday~ Another hike at a new trail, it was beautiful evening and we got in about 3 miles! Legs still sore! 

Saturday~ Off

Sunday~ 7.25 miles. UGG.

Your Turn! 

How was your workout week?