Ice Skating + Italian Dinner + Sour Patch Kids!

Goooood Morning!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend; mine was part stressful and part relaxing!

Let’s get to it!

Friday: B and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going ice skating {!!} something I have been begging to do since we moved about 1 mile from a rink! We had a really good time and B informed me how impressed he was with my skating skills! {B use to work at a rink in college, so he is a pretty good skater!}





We rounded out the evening with a lovely GF Italian dinner at home and watched the Olympics! We decided to do gifts this year, we typically don’t but we each had something we wanted to give the other! I gave B a pair of trail shoes he had been wanting and I got Princess and the Frog, Sour Patch Kids {!!!}, some new perfume and a new water bottle!



B's very bright trail shoes!

B’s very bright trail shoes!

Ooooh, I also spent the morning making some new recipes I tried three and only had one success. This is the one thing I love about cooking, success and failure, but the failures only make the successes so much better. However I am pumped to share the recipe with you guys this week, I really hope you like it!

Recipe to come this week!

Recipe to come this week!

Saturday: I had the day off from work so I thought I would get in my long run. My foot started to hurt about 2 miles into a 10 mile run so I decided to play it smart and get in the long run on Sunday. I ran 5 miles and then rode 2 miles on the bike to stretch out the arch and it felt much better! Ugg I hate injury!

We met my parents for lunch at Piada {buy one get one weekend!!} and decided to goshopping for the rest of the afternoon. On our way to the antique mall my parents car lost power steering and we had to call AAA to come and rescue us! Luckily B and I had our car and after a stressful hour of getting back to our apartment we had to wait on AAA.

Flash forward 7 hours, AAA FINALLY showed up! Luckily me and my mom were able to sneak away to do some shopping while B and my dad hung out at our apartment watching the Olympics! The day in general was pretty stressful with the whole car thing but I am still glad I was able to hang out with my mom!

Some of our new dishes!

Some of our new dishes!

Sunday: I got my long run in before work and then B and I cleaned out some of our closets. It feels so good to clean out and get rid of stuff! On my way to work though I received my first speeding ticket! I was totally bumped about it! 😦 Just the other day I was bragging about never having one, that taught me a lesson!

B and I rounded out the night with watching the Olympics {obsessed} and eating some Chipotle!

Your Turn! 

Tell me about your weekend! 

Anyone ever have a speeding ticket!?