Christmas 2013~ Just a Little Late!


This post is way over do!! Instead of typing a lot of words and going on and on about our 1st married Christmas I will spare you and just show you lots of pictures (blurry and yellow!) and less words :).

Christmas Eve we headed to my parents house to meet up with my grandparents (dads parents) for a wonderful lunch. My grandparents always join us on Christmas Eve, last year however my grandpa was very sick and was in the hospital so this year was very special to spend this time with both of them!







In the evening we headed over to B’s grandparents for a few hours to kill sometime before we headed back to my parents house to open gifts with our family friends! We were crazy busy on Christmas Eve and we both crashed hard that night!



After the gift exchange with our friends we headed to B’s parents house to do our “Christmas morning.” We got his parents a really really really soft blanket from Target in queen size (which I think all blankets should be made in this size!), a cookbook and a new set of pots and pans,  got his dad the book Killing Jesus and some Pj’s. And for his brother we got him a beer making kit!








We then headed back to my parents house to spend the night and wake up Christmas morning at their house! The next morning was spent opening gifts, eating some really good food and just relaxing. The plan was to go to his parents house and spend the night at his folks house that night, however I think I had some cross contamination and was sick from about 4 in the afternoon until the next day.

Well I was not going to let this ruin our plans so B went to his families house and ended up spending the night and came and got me the next day so we could go to a movie with his family once I was feeling better. It was really weird to spend the night at our parents house separate but I am glad I went with this because I was really sick!




To end the holidays we went to see the movie, Grudge Match. Overall it was pretty funny and we had a good laugh!

Your Turn

What was your favorite memory of Christmas 2013? 

What is the best thing you ate on Christmas? 

Happy New Year!

I have clearly not posted in a while and just kinda wanted to take a break with the holidays and all! I will be back to regular posting after the New Year! Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and I will see you all in 2014!!