Eating Our Way Through Our Mini Vacation!

Hello hello!

I hope you all enjoyed my post about the marathon. It was emotional just writing about the whole experience again and reading it over and over just made me relive everything! We all have bad races, we learn from them, move on and try our best the next time!

Any whoo…

I typically won’t recap the food I eat on the blog; I eat a pretty boring/same diet (you can read all about that here)

However, last weekend was a little different sense we were traveling and had a mini vacation, so I thought I would share with you what I had!

Friday Night

After all the crazy travel I was planning on getting something to eat in Detroit but seeing as we did not land in Detroit and landed in Atlanta way past dinner I just had some snacks and never really had dinner.

The snacks were really great though!

In the Dayton airport (eating some anxiety food)

BBQ PopChips



Then I got this really fun pack for the actually plane ride…

It was called, Go Picnic (Turkey sausage, more BBQ PopChips, all natural fruit strips,  and some dried fruit)


This is the Peel-a-Part fruit

This is the Peel-a-Part fruit




I also had a bunch of water and coffee.

Once we landed in Atlanta I was STARVING so I grabbed a protein smoothie, I bought the small and I am not kidding, the thing was huge! I took about 10 sips and was stuffed, so B took over and drank the rest.


Waking up early/ going to bed late means I was starving when I woke up and we headed straight to breakfast. Whenever I am in Disney I NEED to get my GF Mickey Mouse Waffles! They are the, a side of turkey sausage, just a little fruit (not much the day before a race) and some much needed coffee.

I was too hungry to take a picture before!

I was to hungry to take a picture before!

Lunch was at one of our favorite restaurants on the EPCOT property called Sunshine Seasons, they use local foods which they grow right on property.

I got the salmon (yummy protein) with a double side of potatoes. It was a glorious meal!

The top of Season's

The top of Season’s


I already told you about our dinner from Earl of Sandwich, B got the 3 sandwiches and I got the 1 GF BBQ Chicken Sandwich.



After the marathon we were both starving (obviously) but to the point of almost passing out, not good! So we hightailed it back to our hotel to pig out on hamburgers (mine was bun less) and some really great French fries!

We had planned on going to a restaurant in Magic Kingdom, but sense we were tired from the marathon we nixed the kingdom and went back to Downtown Disney to eat at T-Rex. We have ate at Rainforest Café many times, and T-Rex is the same but with dinosaurs instead of rainforest animals!


Oh, hey B.









It was such a cool experience and the food was even better than Rainforest Café! I ordered the Chopped Chicken Salad and B ordered the fish and chips, I was not very hungry (never really am after a long run later into the day) so I was able to save half for the next day.



We also stopped to pick up a dessert I got this massive GF dark chocolate M&M cookie. It was a wonderful way to end the eats of our mini vacation!


Your Turn! 

What meal do you look most forward to? 

What is your favorite place to eat at on vacation?