Ramblings + Weekly Workouts

Good morning friends!

I am so happy of the news in which Friday brought! Everyone should be able to love whom they wish to love! #lovewins

We have gotten so much rain here you would think we were building an ark! It has been crazy. Yesterday was actually really beautiful out and of course I worked! B and I did get to go on a nice evening walk but it was cooler than what it should be on June 28th!

Last week I mentioned I was having some great workouts but not killing my body. Some weeks after I workout my body is just killing me from the workouts and I started to think this was not healhty! I took a look at my workouts and realized if I want to get through my 1/2 marathon training {Which I will be sharing my week to week training in the next few days} I need to scale back. Thus, was my week last week!




3 mile run + 30 HIIT


4 mile run


3 mile run + 30 HIIT




3 mile run


4.5 mile track workout


I didn’t get in a long run this week due to some scheduling issues but I’m not building my base at the moment so I was not too considered. However my Saturday and Sunday workouts were not good, like, I googled… “How to bounce back from a bad workout”… I know weird!

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