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I am so sadden about the recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. B and I are very found of the area and vacation there quite frequently. Our thoughts are with the victims of these awful crime.


I have to say this week I have been sub-par on all the whole posting thing. I have recently been promoted at work and with new responsibilities it has taken up much of my time!

B and I also had some really fun date nights with friends, and his parents came into town last night for a fun dinner out for his birthday! All in all it has been a great week, just very busy!

I have been reading a bunch of articles online, per the usual so I thought I post some which I have especially loved!

Enjoy your Friday and I might be popping in on Sunday for a fun weeknight meal to create! šŸ™‚


Avocados might just be the key to Leukemia.

This salad is just too good to pass up: kale and coconut. What could be better?!


{Image Source}

I am crazy for beach homes. I love, love, love, to look and get ideas!


{Image Source}

Weeknight meal in the making for sure.

This article made me happy because I like to workout, but I feel food also plays a major role.

My father in law drinks ACV on a daily bases. I on the other hand could not handle this, but maybe these reasons will inspire me to try it out?!

I love a good birthday cake, these however areĀ interesting!


Have a great weekend!

What are some links you are loving?Ā 

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.11.10 AM

9 thoughts on “Links I Am Loving

  1. I had posted a link on my blog today that pertains to OTS (over training syndrome) in endurance athletes. I found in particularly interesting because I can definitely relate, and the nerd in me loved all the medical research that has gone into OTS. Hope you have a great weekend!

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